Top 5 Golf clubs. For Men and Women

Great Scots! Golf has been around since the 15th century. It originated in Scotland around 1744 and the 18 holes and rules were made around 1764. Golf became more popular in the 1900 after the Scottish railway system was established allowing tourist to take the train to Scotland for a good ole 18 holes. Golf … Read more

Top 8 Cheapest sports For Kids

There are thousands of sports not all of them are affordable to everyone. I have stated before that I feel sports are a vital part of life rather you watch or play them. Studies show playing sports can have a positive impact on a children’s health, school performance and overall well being. Unfortunately most sports … Read more

Answers to Random Trivia

Miami Dolphins Joe Frazier 18 Inches A Turkey Serena Williams National Basketball Association Tennis Badminton Indy 500 A pitch Basketball 5 21 5 Minutes Billy Jean King 1994 Dallas Cowboys 6 Evgeni Nabokov RedZone The Barrel soccer Lacrosse Jake LaMotta 15 Hope you enjoyed this Trivia Quiz.

15 Tips to Improve your basketball skills

Playing basketball not only kept me in shape, But the fast paced nature of the game was so exhilarating. I loved the action of every play. Watching the ball go from one person to another then finally in the net or unfortunately sometimes into one of your opponents hands. But win or lose to me … Read more

Basketball Rules. How to play Youth Basketball

Basketball rules and regulations differ slightly depending on the level. Professional rules differ a bit from college rules and college rules differ a bit from high school and youth. The rules also differ slightly in the USA from international rules. In this article we will be discussing the rules of youth basketball. Basketball. Basketball is … Read more

Youth Basketball ages 5 and up

Do you want to be a basketball star? Youth basketball is a great place to start. There are several choices out there. Many boys and girls clubs offer basketball, or your school, or basketball camp. Some Gyms even offer youth basketball. Some places depending on where you live even have basketball leagues that are year … Read more

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