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Got The Grill? Football Parties and Tailgating

Whether at home or a tailgating party BBQing before the game is aces.

Bring on the BRATS!

BRATS, Burgers, Chicken or steak no game day party is complete without food from the grill. Yes, Finger foods are great also, but there is just something about smelling food cooking on the Grill that gets you ready for the game.

Picture this.

Standing in the yard or at the end of your Pickup truck in a parking lot, cold beer in hand hot food on the BBQ and talking it up with your best buds as you wait for kickoff. The sizzle of the burgers as you flip em. The smell of cooking all beef patties lingering in the air. Pans on the table filled with baked beans, Mac-N-Cheese, Potato salad and chips. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Foods up Games on!

Biting into a nice juicy burger and washing it down with a cold one as the ball flies through the air.

Routing your team on as they charge forward. Yelling at the refs for a bad call.

BBQs, Good friends and the game! There is nothing like it.

In some places BBQ and Football are near religion. I know they’re two of my favorite things.

BBQed food just taste better, and there is just a great feeling cooking on a grill. Combine that with football and it just feels complete.

Charcoal or Propane?

Now some people prefer to use propane (AKA) gas grills. Myself I will stick with the charcoal or flavored wood in the smoker. To me it not only makes the food taste better, but there is just something about the smell that gets my mouth watering.

Everything is different with charcoal, It smells different, it cooks different, it tastes different hell it even sizzles different. To me all of that is what makes BBQing great. When you use gas you might as well just cook it on the stove or in the oven.

Gas Vs Charcoal will always be a great debate. Much like what came first the chicken or the egg.

Why some people like Gas Grills.

You can cook more delicate foods like fruits, vegetables, fish.
You don’t get over powering smoky flavor.

They heat up faster and have temperature control.

Food stays moister. (Opinion)

Why some prefer Charcoal Grills.

Flavor <—— Most important

Gets Hotter- Ensure a Sear that locks in flavor.

Gives that char broiled look.

What some don’t know.

Did you know that you can control the heat on charcoal grills? There are two ways to achieve this. One is by putting fewer coals in one spot hence giving less heat or putting food on the other side with no coals cooking with just the heat caused by the coals not direct heat. The venting is the other way depending on how much air flow there is coming into your grill also has a lot to do with how hot your grill gets and stays.

No matter your choice or preference one thing remains the same and that is there is nothing better than great food, good friends and Sports on the television.

Click the link below to check out My review on my Royal Gourmet Grill. Or check out others by using the Amazon links.


Happy Grilling!

No matter you preference one thing remains the same there is nothing like cooking outside on the grill and when you add good friends and sports in the mix it usually equals to a great time.

Review on Royal Gourmet BBQ Grill with smoker. and some accessories

Royal Gourmet BBQ Grill and Accessories review.

There are many brands and sizes of BBQ Grills on the market today. From the little hibachi to a massive built in Grill in your back yard. Some are Propane and others use Charcoal

Myself I prefer a medium size Charcoal grill and the brand I chose was Royal Gourmet. They have all sizes in both charcoal and propane.

Why Royal Gourmet. 

They were my choice because I only needed a medium size grill, but I also wanted one  that was easy to assemble, was durable and fairly inexpensive.

Cost: $129 on amazon. (I have to say I did not get mine from amazon and paid a bit more than that but still felt it was a good price.) (5)

Assembly: This grill is pretty easy to put together. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble.( 3.5 )

Durability: It is defiantly not made of the best iron or steel out there but it is durable. I have had mine for almost 3 years” data-wplink-url-error=”true”> Grill on it on least once a week when the weather is nice. I have grilled everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to putting a pork roast with veggies in a roasting pan and putting it rights on the rack. And it is still going strong. (4)

Easy to clean: The racks are easy to clean. (3.5)

Weight: weighs about 55lbs. also, has wheels so pretty easy to move around the yard. (3.0)

Warranty: When I got mine the place I purchased it only gave me the manufacturers warranty which was 1yr. Or 5yr limited. Amazon however offers a 3yr or 4yr protection plan. Not sure what is covered under those plans.

I would recommend this grill and give it an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5

Now for our accessory review.

Now I am defiantly not a grill gourmet so I don’t know much about grilling utensils. I just went with the lowest cost ones Thinking Utensils are utensils right? WRONG!

I purchased the cap space 22 pack grill set.

Now this product I have to admit I was not happy with at all. I learned the hard way that when you pay cheap for utensils you get cheap utensils.

The tongs could hardly pick up a hot dog much less a steak. I do not recommend them at all.

Amazon has many Grilling utensils sets to choose from.  I actually  ended up purchasing my utensils separately. I know in the long run I probably paid more this way but I also was able to purchase only what I needed as well.  I have just the basics. Spatula, Tongs, Fork and the scraper for cleaning.

Affiliate discloser Please note before clicking on any of the links that I will get a small commission for any sales made through this links. click here for more information regarding affiliate links.

But never fear Amazon has many others to choose from. “>

Now When it comes to charcoal I personally prefer the Old favorite KingsFord.

I have tried some cheaper brands and also the matchlight. Honestly I feel the matchlight gives my food a bad after taste. I prefer kingsFord because The briquets burn evenly and I control how much lighter fluid goes on them.




MLB… Unwritten Rules of Baseball

Unwritten Rules.

Okay I completely understand there are a few unwritten rules in baseball #1 to show respect to your own teammates and #2 to show respect to your opponent are fundamentals. But are you aware some unwritten rules apply to the game? Some of these include. Do not bunt to break up a no hitter, do not swing on a 3-0 count when your team is comfortably ahead, do not swing at the first pitch of the at bat if the pitcher has allowed back-to-back home runs, do not steal bases if your team is ahead by a significant amount. Now remember these unwritten rules are in place to not rub salt in the wound so to speak of the losing team.

The Goal of Baseball.

Okay so now Let’s discuss the goal of baseball. The goal is to Score more points than the other team. Right?

Now that being said. Players also have to keep certain stats to stay in the majors. No player wants to get “Sent down” so of course they are going to work hard at winning games, and improving their Stats. Some times that means breaking the unwritten rules.

And still other times these rules might be broken unintentionally. What I mean by that is some times a player or team may not think they are breaking these rules, they are in the mindset that even though they are winning the opposing team still has a chance for a comeback to win.

For instance some teams are known for coming back from a huge deficit and pulling off a win in the last inning or two. Not to mention the fact that honestly Baseball is pretty much a game of chance.

Or that is my opinion anyway. I mean really think about it. If one team can get 5 runs in an inning is the other team not just as capable of that happening as well? Or with every pitch is the pitcher not taking a chance that the batter might swing at any pitch he throws?

Now there are some cases that these unwritten rules should definitely be upheld. For instance if you are winning the game with a score of 13 to 0 and it is the 9th inning it is pretty safe to say the other team is not going to come back for a win and it would definitely be rubbing salt in the wound in this instance. But only being ahead by 4 to 6 runs and knowing your opponent has a reputation of coming back in late innings is a different story.

Of course, you are going to continue to play hard. I mean after all the point of the game is to score the most points and WIN!

Sore losers.

Unfortunately some players/teams are sore losers and get butt hurt when they lose especially if they feel the other team has BROKEN THE UNWRITTEN RULES.

That was the case in the game between the SF Giants and the Washington Nationals.

So here is how things played out.

Second inning – Brandon Crawford hit a double to right field, Joey Bart walked, Then Mike Yastrzemski hits a single allowing Crawford to score. Then Austin Slater hits a home run to right center field. Making it 4 – 0 then Wilmer Flores singled to right,

Then Darin Ruf singled Then Thairo Estrada walked to load the bases. Then Crawford up again hits a double clearing the bases. Now 7 – 0 lead. So all seven runs were made in the 7th.

Then nothing again until the 5th inning when Maikel Franco of the Nationals hit a homer making the score 7 – 1 Giants.

Then again nothing from neither team. Then at the top of the ninth. This is where it gets interesting folks.

With two outs Thairo Estrada ran on an 0-1 pitch and Brandon Crawford hit a single over the head of Washington shortstop Alcides Escobar.

Escobar grabbed the ball and threw out Estrada at home plate.

No big deal right? WRONG! The Nationals got all butt hurt thinking the Giants were trying to rub it in and breaking those fore mentioned unspoken rules. By Estrada trying to steal a base and then trying to score.

Escobar then proceeded to walk over and start yelling into the Giants dugout.

How I see it.

Yes, the Giants could have just left it how it was, but they as always were playing to win. They were not trying to rub anything in. They were trying to make their lead harder to get a handle on.

They knew with the Nationals line up there was a possibility that the Nationals could still have a chance of coming back to tie if not win the game a six point lead really is not that much. I mean the Giants scored all seven of their points in one inning.

I commend them on their play hard no chances tactics. I also feel if anything Them playing as hard as they did until the finish should show the National players that even in the ninth inning they still felt a threat of a possible loss.

Shoe on the other foot.

Do you think if the roles were reversed the Nationals would not have tried to put more of a gap on the scoreboard? I sure think they also would have continued to play hard.

Come on this is Baseball “A Sport” it is meant to be competitive!

Teams are there to WIN not give up. You think when these players sign their contracts they say yes, I want to play ball, but I don’t want to try too hard to win because I don’t want to hurt any ones feelings? No, they sign that contract knowing each and every game they will give it their all!

Win or Lose.

Remember your mom telling you it’s not if you win or lose it is the fun of playing the game?

Well this is true, and these guys really do just enjoy playing the game, but they also get millions to win games, play hard and keep the fans coming.

They have to prove on a daily basis they are worth the millions they get paid.

No Comment.

The only comment was made by Martinez and all he said was they did some things we thought were uncalled-for. HUH? Since when is trying to keep the lead in a game uncalled-for?

When asked after the game about what upset him. Escobar declined to comment. Maybe because at the end he knew he was being a 6’1 big baby over the whole thing.

You known the saying if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen?

Well if you can’t take the loss get off the field!


Feel free to leave opinions or comments

Football and beer. Like butter and popcorn.

There is nothing like a nice frosty cold one when watching the game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Whether you are in the stands at a live game, Tailgating in the parking lot or just chillin at home a cold beer in hand is a must. There is just something about sports and beer.

They just go good together Like butter and popcorn. Now of course the highest ranking of beer drinking is done during a football or baseball game This is primarily because these two sporting advents usually have tailgating parties before the game.

But they ranked high among those who watch the game at home or a sports bar as well. 84% of adults claimed they drank during a sporting event especially football. What is it with us football fans? Basketball ranked pretty close to these.

I guess other sports don’t have as rowdy a bunch watching. Just kidding. But all jokes aside there is still a 67% consumption rate at other sports events just not the frosty suds. I somehow just can’t picture a fan at a tennis match chuggin a beer. More like spirits or wine I suppose.

No matter if it is in a bottle, can, a frosty mug or one of those magical plastic cups at a live game. There is just a refreshing feeling as each sip of that liquid gold goes down your throat.

I don’t go to many live games, So I am pretty much a stay at home and watch kind of gal. Not to mention the fact that I can get a whole six-pack to drink at home for the cost of one cold one at a game.

That’s right beer cost between 9.25 and 11.00. Each. The average vendor makes between 10,000 and 15,000 on beer alone per game. So although live games are great I am content sitting at home in my sweats and get my monies worth with my beer.

Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking them

for charging so much it is all part of the experience I am just saying I can have a good experience at home for a fraction of the cost.

Sure I don’t get to listen to thousands of other screaming fans or the opportunity to catch a foul ball at a baseball game. But I also don’t have to worry about getting into a fight or an accident.

Did you know on average 5000 fans leave a sporting event drunk? That is 1 in 12. So if you go to an event with 11 other people one of you is DRUNK!

The fact is though most people that leave the game drunk were already half-way there before the game started. Statistics say almost one third of fans start their drinking at least two hours before the event and usually consume three or more drinks.

Drinks vary from fan to fan but the average fan drinks at least three more beverages at the game, and believe it or not some teams fans are more likely to drink more per game than others.

For instance the Cincinnati Bengals have the highest at 5.2 drinks per game.

Whereas, San Francisco 49ers are the lowest at only 2.6 drinks per game.

My team the Denver Broncos are in the high range as well at 4.4 drinks per game. GO ORANGE AND BLUE!

This means most people spend between $30 and $70 just on beer.


I’m not going to list all the stats about this team by team but you can look them up. It is actually pretty astonishing when you think about how much alcohol/Beer we consume in this country during sporting event especially when some countries still have total bans ‘Prohibition’ or strict alcohol consumption policies in place .

I personally think this is partly why sports bars are making a great come back. You can sit in a comfortable atmosphere with other fans watching the game eating good food drinking your beer at a decent price and you don’t have to stand in long lines to get the food or beer. Not to mention the bathroom. I mean really have you ever tried to use the bathrooms at a sporting event? You miss 30 minutes of the game just waiting to pee.

Another great thing is most sports bars are local and won’t charge or ticket your car if left in the parking lot overnight because you had a bit too much to drink and had to take an Uber home.

Blue Moon, Corona, Samuel Adams, Amber Ale, Miller, Miller Light, Guinness, Shock Top, Modelo, Busch, Coors, Coors Light, and of course the Official Sponsor of the NFL Budweiser, Bud Light along with many others. Over 100 different styles in fact. But the number #1 is Budweiser. That’s right Budweiser is the number one valued brand worldwide. The fact that they are the official sponsor of the NFL says it all.

I like bud or bud Light, But personally I prefer Coors light to any other beer. No matter your beer choice, the snacks you have with it or what sport you are watching or what team you Cheer for, having a cold one in your hand while watching the game just fits.

Remember always drink responsibly.

Colin is Callin NFL. Colin Kaepernick

Five years after opting out of his contract and pretty much being boycotted by the NFL for standing up to police brutality, and social injustice and taking a knee during the National Anthem Colin Kaepernick wants to come back to the NFL and is even willing to take the position of backup quarterback.

All I ask for is a chance to get back in and prove myself he says. Well I agree. Do I agree with what he did? Yes, and no, I do commend the kid for making a statement and standing up for what he believed in, but I also feel he went about it all wrong in the beginning. There is a right and wrong place for everything and the Ball field during the national anthem was the wrong place but I also feel that MANY fans’ over reacted to the situation therefore out of fear the NFL also over reacted. I completely stand behind the statement he was trying to make but I also feel politics and political statements do not belong in sports.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not a huge Kaepernick fan and not because of what he did, who he is, or the color of his skin but because I feel he comes off a little to cocky well that and he played for the 49ers. That being said he was a good quarterback and was fun to watch and I feel he deserves the chance to try to prove himself again. He has consistently been training in hopes of a return. So let him come back and if he can’t prove himself then release him do to his performance not his beliefs.

I mean The NFL has reinstated players that have done worse. Look at Michael Vick, I mean he served time for a dog fighting ring or Paul Hornung of the Green bay Packers along with Alex Karras of the Detroit Lions were suspended for betting on games yeah I know that was years ago. But just recently Calvin Ridley along with a few others were suspended for the exact same thing and banned for only a year. Let’s look at all the players that have been arrested for domestic violence or alcohol and drug abuse. And they are the ones that got caught so the NFL had to do something about it. Look I LOVE the NFL I am a huge football fan yet I also feel a lot of things “crimes” are overlooked in the NFL and other sports for that matter just so the player can continue to play. It seems that only once the news gets out or fans’ complaint does the higher ups do anything. And I honestly feel the only reason there was a big tado about this situation is because the fans’ had something negative to say about it. Yes, I said it! I really feel if there was not such a negative response to what Colin did that everything would have just went on as usual and Colin would still be playing for the NFL. What if all the fans’ had cheered and took a seat as well? Many people did not agree with how he went about it but they did agree with the statement he was trying to make and they kept their moths shut when they seen the negative response. I am even willing to bet there are some head coaches, and owners that agreed with him but went against him and what they themselves felt only because it was not popular and they knew they would get scrutinized for it.

My point here is only that it is not like this kid committed a violent crime or any crime at all for that matter. Is it polite and tradition to stand during the National Anthem? Yes, of course it is, but not doing so is NOT a crime. Now as I state before I do not agree with what Colin did, but I do feel that at the time he felt he was doing a good thing. Maybe he still feels it was the right thing, but again that is his right to feel that way. I don’t think he should be boycotted or stripped of opportunity to play on the basis of something he believed and took personal.

What if it was against a player religious beliefs to not stand? Would he to be boycotted and scrutinized? Sports are supposed to be for the fans’ enjoyment. Let’s make Football fun again. Leave your politics and whatever in the other room or at home. Love the players for the abilities not their beliefs.

okay so if Colin does come back who do you think will pick him up?

I have read that the tree most likely teams are the Seahawks, Ravens or Panthers. Who do you think it will be? I personally think the Seahawks will take him since they had thought about it once before and they now need a quarterback since my Great team the Denver Broncos “GO ORANGE AND BLUE” Now have Russell Wilson.

Who does Collin want to play for if he returns? Do you think he has a fave.?

I honestly hope he is reinstated and given a chance but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Feel free to leave comments.

Minor Sports Injuries. How to treat and avoid them

With sport comes injuries. There are two categories of injuries Major and Minor in this post we will be discussing minor injuries.

What is a minor injury? A minor injury is a shallow cut or abrasion, sprains and muscle strains, bruises and skin lesions, broken toes, overuse injuries and some burns covering a small area of skin. Minor injuries can be very painful, but are not life threatening issues, and most are musculoskeletal so almost every part of your body can suffer from a sports’ injury. A concussion was considered a minor injury, but with lots of new research that is being rethought.

One of the most common minor injuries in sports’ is a sprain. A sprain is a stretch or tear of a ligament near a joint like an ankle, knee or wrist. And usually happen with a fall or fast twisting motion. Sprains can be mild or severe. Some feel like a break. Another common one is a pulled or torn muscle. Minor injuries usually heal within a couple of weeks whereas major injuries take much longer, require therapy and sometimes never heal or cause long-lasting effects.

Even with a minor injury you should always seek medical treatment to check the severity of the injury. Most minor injuries can be treated at an ER or acute clinic and require no surgeries or long term care.

There are several ways to try to treat a minor injury such as rest. Pain is actually your bodies way of telling you that you need to rest the injured area, Ice packs are another way to relieve pain and swelling, or compression also good for swelling as well.                                                                                                ‘You can find compression bandages that work really great and are made for every part of your body that a sprain can accrue’, Also keeping an injury raised relieves swelling and pressure.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Along with these methods you may also want to use medication or an ointment for swelling and pain. There are some cautions to use with these medications or ointments especially if it is something you have never used before.                                                                                                                                    Many medications have side effects or allergic reactions always ask your Dr. or the Pharmacist before using anything new and make sure they are aware of any allergies you may have to medications. Some medicated topical creams use Trolamine salicylate which is closely related to aspirin. if you, have an allergy to aspirin DO NOT use any product with this in it. if you, have a painful cut you DO NOT want to take aspirin.                                                                                                                                              Aspirin can cause or prolong bleeding. Take a Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Use caution with these also they can cause allergic reactions as well. So be careful unless you have taken these products before and known how your body reacts to them. Even then always take all medications only as directed.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Always make sure also that the medication being used is okay to use on the area intended. Not all creams are made to be use just anywhere. Some creams are meant to be used only for certain areas and have not been tested on others. Many people have a misconception that if it is sold over the counter then they are okay. Not even every medication a Dr. proscribes is okay. But at least when a Dr. proscribes it he will be aware of any allergies to other medications and will known not to proscribe it or known to have you take precautions when using it.

I have had many sports and non sports related minor injuries. I have sprained my knee, my ankle, my wrist and my back. I have also had several torn muscles. I have use different creams and other medications, but I always talk to my Dr. or the Pharmacists first to make sure I am able to use it and that it is the medication for my injury.

There will always be injuries associated with sports’ there is no way around it. I have never met a person who plays or has played sports’ that has never suffered some kind of injury.

To reduce the risk of sports’ related injuries. Strengthen muscles, take time of if needed, wear the proper gear, increase flexibility, take breaks, use proper techniques, and most important if you feel pain do not try to continue playing.

Please note I am not a medical Professional and this post is only opinion NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. In an Emergency always seek Professional medical advice.

Great Way To Stay In Shape

Sports and Mental Health.

20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day will help you feel calmer. That’s right sports are good for more than just your physical health, they are also good for your mental health.

When, you exercise it causes your body to release a chemical known as endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals in your brain that relieve stress and pain. The calmness you feel after exercise can last for hours. Exercising or playing a sport helps you calm down because your mind is cleared and you are concentrating on your game or your routine not the big test next week. Or the big board meeting. Sports strengthens your muscles and your mind improving your well-being.

Exercise and sports also help you sleep better, and when you get better sleep it improves your mood.

Playing sports can build your confidence and self-esteem. As you build your skills and strengths your confidence in your ability and in yourself grows. When, you play on a team you have to socialize this also builds your self-esteem and gives you a confidence boost. Discussing plays with your team or congratulating someone on a job well done at a practice or a game gives you good social skills. When, you fell confident to be social your self-esteem gets stronger.

In fact, you can learn many life lessons from sports which in turn help your mental well-being. Sports can teach you how to stay positive, how to work as a group or alone, how to be resilient. They teach respect for yourself and others, compassion and discipline. They build character.

Through sports a person learns to be strong in body and in mind. They learn they can push their body and mind beyond what they ever thought was possible and learn to overcome adversity. With this they know that no matter the circumstance they can overcome it if they push to do so.

Sports give us the sense of recognizing that everyone is different but if we respect those differences and work together we can achieve great things.

I know sports helped me a lot. When I was 10 I started playing little league baseball and I was the only girl on the team. My position ‘RIGHT FIELDER’.

At first, I was unaware that was thought of as the worst position. You know where they place the not so good player. I was not great at batting but I was the best damn right fielder there was. I caught every ball that came my way. Soon I earned a reputation and kids tried not to hit the ball to right field. I remember one game we played and this boy came to bat with such confidence. I knew exactly where he was going to hit it. He thought there was no way a girl would catch his ball. “Ball is pitched, Ball is smacked, Ball is caught. Yep right in my glove instant confidence builder. That boy became my step-brother a year later. I wonder if he still remembers that?

I played basketball in Jr. High school. At first, I didn’t want to even though I loved the game but I didn’t have much confidence in my basketball abilities. A friend convinced me to try out so I did thinking I would never make the team because I was too short. Guess what I was put in the position of point guard. I was pretty good at getting that ball away and passing it.

I gave every game I played my all and in return it gave me all. I went from a shy kid to having confidence in not only my abilities as a player but as a person. Playing sports really built my self-esteem. It also taught me all of those fore mentioned life lessons as well. My coach taught us to respect not only our teammates but the other team. To be always a good sport and congratulate the other team win or lose. He taught us we were all human beings before we were basketball players.

Now I know there are some who will say that sports can cause more stress and anxiety because you worry about your performance or mastering what you do. And I do not dispute that yes, sports can cause stress and anxiety. But to that I also say if you are stressed over not being able to preform well then there are a few things that can be the problem.

1. Maybe you are not in the right sport.

2. Maybe your coach pushes too hard. Wants a ‘win’ win at all cost. That is not a good coach. A good coach is one that encourages you to do your best, doesn’t yell at you, and takes the losses right along with the wins. Sure everyone wants to win but that is not

how life or sports work. Some times you win and some times you don’t.

3. You are too hard on yourself to be confident in your own abilities. It is always good to push yourself, but you have to also know when you have reached your limit and just rely on what you know you can do.

Now I am by no means a specialist in sports or psychology. I only know what sports did for me as far as depression, anxiety and lack of confidence. Not to mention helping me in life.

Summer time Fun and sports. Swimming, Surfing, and jet skies.

Soon summer will be upon us, and we all know what that means. Swimming pools and beaches.

Did you know that swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the country? Yep approximately 31% of the population swim in either lakes, oceans, rivers and swimming pools.

I remember as a kid going to my neighbors house to swim. It was not a large pool just a round above ground type that was maybe 10 or 12 feet across. But my friends and I enjoyed it just the same. We would play Marco polo, dive for objects at the bottom of the pool and play pool basketball. But I think our favorite thing to do was run as fast as we could in a circle creating a whirlpool then stopping and let the water carry us around the pool. When we would get tired we would lay on lounge chairs and sun bathe and I’m not talking about the nice lounge chairs they have nowadays I’m talking about the retro ones from the 70s. You know the ones with the plastic that stuck to every part of you exposed skin and would some times even fold up on you. After a short rest period we would get back in and do it all over again. Most days we would swim as long as she or our parents allowed which was usually most of the day. Those are some great memories.

Have you ever gone down the rushing water of a river or creek in an inner tube? So much fun. We did it all the time when we would go camping in the summer. Now I’m not talking about raging waters but there are some water extremists that do that and other extreme water sports like Skiing, Flyboarding, Cliff diving, Wake boarding, Shark diving, Kite surfing, or Parasailing. Not me! I keep it simple and safe. Other than going down some light rapid waters I think Pool basketball or water jousting is about as extreme as I get.

I tried Towed Tubing once. Key word here is ONCE! I went about 15 feet bounced up in the air then smacked back down on

that tube. I was done. at Lake Barryessa in California with some friends at their cabin and we all decided to go tubing. Well they decided I was just along for the ride really, but with some coercing they convinced me to try it NEVER again! Nope not for me at all thanks.

Whether you are into water sports or just hanging out in the pool Water in great summer fun.

Swimming isn’t just fun it is healthy as well. Here are five benefits of swimming.

1. It is good for your heart.

2. A full body workout.

3. Great for helping with depression. That’s right swimming stimulates brain chemicals that help the growth of nerve cells and influences serotonin. It helps with anxiety and stress. Water Meditation is wonderful as well. It has been proven that meditating in or near water has the ability to enhance the Impact of your thoughts. That is why many meditation videos use water sounds or visual backgrounds.

4. Boost your metabolism. Just a casual swim can burn as many as 500 calories.

5. Builds endurance.

Yes, swimming is great for exercise, but there are so many other things you can do in the water.

In a swimming pool you can play fun games like Marco polo, water polo, dive for objects at the bottom of the pool, play water tag, pretend you are a deep sea diver, and many more. Or just keep it simple and float around on a blowup float or a tub.

Speaking of tubs. In rivers, you can float down the rougher water on a tub, or be pulled around a lake on a wave tub. There are so many water sports other than swimming. There is surfing, Skiing, Kayaking, Snorkeling,,Wake boarding, Rafting,Paddle boarding.


Water sports.

water polo

Kayak Racing




Fishing (some people question this one)




There are a few others as well, but these are a few of the more well-known ones.

What ever your water sports or fun may be always remember safety first.

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