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All Sports Fanatic

Do you love all sport?

I love all sports of course I enjoy some more than others, but find them all exciting. I absolutely love football. Being a die hard Denver Broncos fan I am excited to see what happens next season with Russell Wilson. I know being born and raised in the San Francisco bay area how dare I be a Denver fan. I hear that all the time.

Do you supports an out of area sports team?

As I said I am a die Hard Denver Broncos fan living in the Bay area so we all know this Is 49 Land or Raider nation. Needless to say it hard to find sports gear for my team in area stores unless by luck I come across a store that carries all sports gear, but most times stores like that are a bit out of budget. So I do endless searches online trying to find what I am looking for. Blue and Orange all the way Baby!

Loving it all.

Now being a sports fan I of course can not leave out my favorite Baseball team. The San Francisco Giants. The big Orange and Black attack. I LOVE my Giants. I am kind of seeing a theme here with the color orange. Nope I am not an Orlando Magic fan. When it comes to Basketball I skip the Orange and go blue and yellow. You guessed it I am a Warriors fan. Go Golden state!

No matter the team or sport.

It doesn’t really matter if you like all sports or just one we all want to support and represent our team or teams.

Non Team Sports.

Now of course there are non team sports that are great as well such as Bicycling, Swimming, Archery, Golf, Horseback riding, Skateboarding, Hiking, Running and Martial arts. This is just the start the list goes on and on.

Whatever your sports interest.

What ever sport you are interested in weather it be one specific sport or all sports represent and keep it fun.


2 Replies to “All Sports Fanatic”

  1. I think more or less everyone supports some sport either it be a team based one or a solo. Personally I love soccer the most and a bit of basketball but no matter how much I tried I never liked it as much as soccer. As for other sports being a tennis player this sport will always have a special place in my heart. It has something elegant that few other sports have for me.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your response. Believe it or not I have met people that have absolutely no interest in any kind of sport. I tried Tennis as a youngster and although I enjoyed playing it it was never really a sport that I continued with or enjoyed watching.

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