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Top 3 Golf Clubs for $100 For men and women

As I promised.

As promised here is my information gathered and my breakdown of reviews on the best Golf clubs for men and women for Under $100. I decided to only go with three (3) of each club in this review. Because it really is harder than one would think to find decent new golf clubs for under $100.00. But still get good performance We did our best to stay on budget. It seems that when it comes to golf Cheaper IS NOT better. A lot of the cheaper golf clubs are not as durable as the more expensive ones. They also come with other issues like only being for people who are right-handed. Many do not meet the USGA standard and are illegal. Not illegal as in you will go to jail for using it. They are fine for 9 or 18 holes with the buddies just don’t try to join a competition or use them as a pro. Some other issues with the cheaper ones are that some users found the offset was hard to get used to, Club heads not durable or the shaft was to stiff, short or long. “I know there is a bad joke in there somewhere but we will just let that go” These are just a few issues brought to light about most of the cheaper clubs. With that being said the fallowing are the result we have come up with for you. Now we have taken into consideration all reviews good and bad and come up with an average on a 5 star basis.

Best clubs for men.


  1. Pinemeadow PGX offset Driver. Cost between $50 and $60. We gave it a 3.5 * for decent performance for the price good starter club.
  2.  TEC Plus 460cc Ti Matrix Driver. Cost between $40 and $60 We gave it a 3.0 * for decent performance for the price but not very durable.
  3. Intech Golf Oversized Bohemoth Driver. Cost between $40 and $70. We gave it a 3.9 * For decent performance for the price. Just a few reviews about how they expected more from a club with so much hype. Other than that the reviews on this club were pretty good.


  1. MACGREGOR MACFAIR 110 MACTEC X Fairway: Cost between $99 and $109 We gave it a 4.5 had great reviews like very underrated, almost as good as a Callaway, or ping. Also Unisex.
  2. Callaway X2 Hot: Cost between $89 to $125 We gave it a 5.0 Had excellent reviews.
  3. Pine meadow Yukon 15+: Cost between $50 and $60 We also gave this one a 4,5 no real negative reviews.


  1. Mazel Driving Iron: Cost $99 to $125 We gave it a 3.5 No real bad reviews mostly stuff like great price for a beginner club, Good for a beginner but not an advanced player. ETC.
  2. Lazrus Premium: Cost $60 We gave it a 3.5 Most reviews stated good club for a cheap price, Decent club, Biggest complaint was the weight.
  3. Callaway Big Bertha 2019: Cost $125 I know it is over 100 but when it comes to irons there isn’t much. We gave Big Bertha a 4.0. Got great reviews.


  1. TaylorMade Golf white smoke Putter: Cost $35 to $60 We gave it a 4.0 Got great reviews for price and performance.
  2. Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR 900: Cost $60 to $80 We gave it a 3.5 Got great reviews for price and performance.
  3. MacGeagor Golf MacTec 04 Extreme Putter: Cost $50 to $60 We gave it a 3.5 Not bad reviews just many saying it was a bit heavy for a putter.


  1. Cobra Men’s Baffler XL Hybrid: Cost $80 to $100 We gave it. 4.0 Many say it is gives a better hit than an Iron. One review even said it was and I quote The Cat’s Ass. I am assuming that is good.
  2. Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrid: Cost $46 and up We gave it 4.0 it had some bad reviews as far as weight and stiff shaft, but the good reviews far outweigh the bad ones.
  3. Mazel Men’s rescue Hybrid: $49 and up We gave it 4.5 this one had many excellent reviews.

Best clubs for Women.


  1. Pinemeadow PGS Offset Ladies Driver: Cost $75 to $85. We gave it 3.5 Had some complaints of feeling heavy and the shaft coming off.
  2. Power Bolt TPS Blackout Driver: $50 to $90. We gave it. 4.5 Had great reviews.
  3. Coolo Driver: $80 to $100. We gave it 3.5 a lot of not bad for the price reviews.


  1. 2018 Cobra Golf women’s King F8 Fairway: Cost $89. We gave it a 4.5 had great reviews.
  2. MacGregor MACFAIR 110 MACTEC X fairway Unisex: Cost $99 to $109. We gave it a 4.5 just as we did for the men.
  3. AGXGOLF Ladies 21 Degree Magnum #7 Utility Fairway wood: Cost $65 to $75. We gave it. 4.0 Could not find many reviews, so we made an average of what we did find.


  1. Mazel Driving Iron: Cost you can buy these in a set or for $99 each. We gave it 3.0 The reviews were Not to bad but not great neither. A lot of not bad for the price.
  2. Taylormade AeroBurner #5 iron Project X 4.0 Flex Shaft: Cost $70. We gave it Exactly what it has in the name a 4.0.
  3. Taylormade Rocketblaez Max #4 Iron: Cost: $59 to $65. We gave it 3.5 Reviews were not bad but not great. More of an improvement iron.


  1. Cleveland Huntington beach putter:
  2. Pinemeadows Golf women’s PGX Putter:
  3. Sorry Ladies I only found the 2 that specifically specified for women.


  1. Women’s Majek Golf Hybrid #8: Cost $90 to $100. We gave it. 4.0
  2. 2018 Cobra Golf Women’s King F8 Hybrid. Cost $80 to $100. We gave it. 4.5
  3. Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Hybrid: Cost. $125 and up. A bit over budget. 4.7

There it is. (Side Notes)

Please note this review as in My other review Best 5 Golf Clubs For Men and Women is based on not only research of the individual Golf clubs but other numerous page reviews and YouTube reviews when they were available.

Also notes that what works for one golfer may not work for another. There are many things to consider when buying a golf club such as your swing, you height etc. It really is rocket science.

One last note. Always remember each club has a purpose, and each number on that specific club also has a purpose. So just know the above clubs may not be what you need therefore you may spend more.

Most of these are available at Amazon, And please feel free to purchase them there.

As I stated in my Last article if you are just getting started in the game you may want to rent clubs or try to find used clubs for sale. At least until you are sure that you want to stick with the game or you know what you need and what feels right for your game.

Personally When I decided I am ready to start I will be looking into a used set. I found also in my research you can sometimes purchase a good used set of quality clubs for just a bit more than what it cost for just one of the good quality clubs.


I am not saying these clubs are of bad quality I am only stating that the lesser known name brands or even the cheaper end clubs of the name brands may not be of the same quality.

You really have to judge for yourself.

Top 5 Golf clubs. For Men and Women

Great Scots!

Golf has been around since the 15th century. It originated in Scotland around 1744 and the 18 holes and rules were made around 1764. Golf became more popular in the 1900 after the Scottish railway system was established allowing tourist to take the train to Scotland for a good ole 18 holes.

Golf has been enjoyed by men, women and children for decades around the world. Nearly 25 million people play golf.

But Why?

Why you ask is golf so popular?

  1. It can be a whole family activity.
  2. You get to be outside in beautiful surroundings. Most golf courses are quite beautiful.
  3. It is great exercise.


I have only played golf a few times and did find it enjoyable and relaxing yet a bit of a bummer at the same time because the person I played with was quite good and really rubbed in how bad he was beating me, I have however recently found myself more curious about the game. So I have been doing some research on clubs, shoes, balls etc.

Now being of short stature I wondered what kind of club would be best for me and I did a previous post about Golf Clubs for short women. You can check it out here.

In my research.

I found that there are around 50 different golf manufactures. Some sell all clubs and accessories and others specialize in a specific club and or accessories. There are probably thousands of styles to choose from. Not to mention taking into consideration the fact of being right-handed or left-handed.

Now I am no expert on Golf or the accessories. I just did the research not only for myself, but so you didn’t have to. After reading page upon page and taking notes about clubs and which are best and why. Taking in factors like distance, swing speed, consistency, ball flight etc. these are the ones I came up with. None of them got lower than a 4.0 out of 5 stars so They made my list. This list is not in order from highest to the lowest rating they are random. I found the brands most preferred by men and women then searched numerous reviews both on Google and YouTube. And came up with an average.


The main clubs are.

  1. Driver: The longest club in the bag, and used to hit a long shot.
  2. Wood: Not actually made of wood anymore. Usually made of hallow titanium or steel.
  3. Irons:
  4. Hybrids:
  5. Putter:

There are twelve clubs in a set they consist of three (3) woods, One (1) wedge, One (1) putter, One (1) hybrid and six (6) irons.

According to my research.

Top five brands of each club for men.



  1. Callaway Rogue ST MAX 5 *
  2. Cleveland Launcher XL 4.7 *
  3. Cobra LTDx 4.5 *
  4. Ping G425 MAX 4.8 *
  5. Mizuno ST-Z 220 4.8 *


  1. Callaway Rogue ST MAX. 4.9 *
  2. Cobra Speedzone Fairway wood. 4.6 *
  3. TaylorMade SIM MAX fairway wood 4.8 *
  4. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Fairway wood. 4.7 *
  5. Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood. 4.8 *


  1. Callaway Maverk Iron. 4.7 *
  2. TaylorMade SIM2 Max Iron. 4.6 *
  3. Callaway Mavrik Max Iron. 4.7 *
  4. Callaway Apex 2021 Iron. 4.7 *
  5. TaylorMade Stealth Irons. 4.8 *


  1. Srixon ZX hybrid. 4.0 *
  2. TaylorMade Stealth Hybrid. 4.8 *
  3. Ping G425 Hybrid. 4.7 *
  4. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid. 4.7 *
  5. Wilson Launch Pad Hybrid. 4.9 *


  1. TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Brandon 3. 4.8 *
  2. Odyssey White Hot OG putter. 4.8 *
  3. Cobera King Vintage Sport-60. 4.5 *
  4. Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham. 4.7 *
  5. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12. 4.9 *


Top Brands of each club for women.


  1. Callaway Big Bertha REVA Driver. 4.8 *
  2. Callaway Women’s Mavrik Driver. 4.7
  3. Callaway Women’s Epic Max Driver. 4.8 *
  4. TaylorMade SIM2 Max women’s Driver. 4.7 *
  5. Cobra Women’s King Radspeed XB Driver. 4.8 *


  1. TaylorMade 2022 Stealth Fairway Wood. 4.8*
  2. Ping Women’s G Le 2.0 Fairway Wood. 4.7 *
  3. Callaway Women’s MAVRIK Fairway Wood. 4.7 *
  4. Callaway Women’s Rogue Fairway Wood. 4.7 *
  5. Titleist TSi2 Custom Fairway. 4.5 *


  1. TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Iron. 4.8 *
  2. Callaway Rogue ST Max Lite. 4.7 *
  3. Titleist T300 Women’s Iron 4.6 *
  4. Callaway Big Bertha Reva. 4.7 *
  5. Cleveland launcher XL Halo. 4.7 *


  1. PING Women’s G425 Hybrid. 4.7 *
  2. Cleveland Ladies Launcher XL Halo Hybrid. 4.7 *
  3. Callaway Women’s Rouge ST Max OS Lite Hybrid. 4.9 *
  4. TaylorMade Ladies SIM2 MAX Rescue. 4.8 *
  5. XXIO Ladies Eleven Hybrid. 4.8 *


  1. TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putters. 4.7 *
  2. Bionik 105 Nano white Putters. 4.4 *
  3. Callaway Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putters. 5.0 *
  4. Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter 4.5 *
  5. Tour Edge Women’s Lady edge Putters. 4.0 *

You can buy clubs in singles or in sets. As you can see there are five or six brands that most armature Golfers prefer but seems the Top 3 brands are.

  • TaylorMade
  • Callaway
  • Cleveland

I did however find it interesting that although these brands showed at the highest rankings for Armatures. When I researched which brands Pro Golfers prefer. Titleist Drivers was ranked best with around 13% of Pro’s choosing it and Titleist did not even make my list of top drivers. Top Woods used by the Pros are TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist and Callaway. Top Irons used are again Titleist and Callaway. Top Hybrids are Titeleist and Callaway. Top putters are Taylormade, Odyssey and Scotty Cameron. The Scotty Cameron did make my list of putters for men.

Quite interesting.

Another  thing I found very interesting and was completely unaware of is that Golfers pick and choose their clubs. They may use One brand for their Driver another for their Wood and so on. To be honest I was oblivious to this and thought they picked a brand and used that brand for every club. So actually what it all comes down to when picking clubs is what brand you prefer rather it is one brand for all your clubs or a mix and match of different brands.

I have a cousin who is an avid armature golfer and I asked him about his preferences. He is a huge fan of Ping Brand, and Callaway Brand, But does use other as well like Cleveland for his putter.

What it all boils down to is preference and cost. The fore mention clubs are a bit costly.  review on some lower cost Clubs top clubs for $100. I might suggest if your are considering taking up golf that you rent or by a used set until you know for sure if golf is for you. You defiantly don’t want to put out a large expense then decide you don’t like it.


                     Happy Golfing

Top 8 Cheapest sports For Kids

There are thousands of sports not all of them are affordable to everyone. I have stated before that I feel sports are a vital part of life rather you watch or play them. Studies show playing sports can have a positive impact on a children’s health, school performance and overall well being.

Unfortunately most sports come with a cost like uniform fees, registration fees, lessons ETC. The cost can really add up and not everyone can afford them. I have always felt sports such as little league, peewee football, youth basketball and soccer should be at no cost but I do understand where the cost comes in.

There are many factors that make sports important. Not only the life lessons that can be learned playing sports, but it also gives your child something to feel good about and to do with their time and keeps them out of trouble. Something many youth today need.

I DO NOT Believe children should be forced to play sports but a bit of encouragement is good. Just remember as a parent to let your child pick what sport they are interested in and support them within that sport. Don’t push playing football on your child if they want to play baseball. Get the picture.

Although I completely believe in encouragement I DO NOT believe in bulling your child to be the best and that nothing else should matter but the sport. That is only teaching your child that their feelings don’t matter and can cause mental stress in the long run.

I also on the other hand DO NOT support the idea that every child should get to play or get a participation trophy if they didn’t put any effort into the game. In my opinion this is teaching children that they will be rewarded no matter what. In my opinion one of the reasons so many kids think they are owed something for nothing.

Way to many.

As I said there are thousands of sports way to many to list them all so instead I have come up with a list of the eight (8) most inexpensive sports to get started in. Now don’t get it wrong there is going to be some kind of cost in any sport but if your child wants to participate in track and field it is a lot cheaper to buy a good pair of running shoes then it is to spring for tennis or golf lessons.


Skateboarding has been around since the 50s but over the past couple decades it has been taken to a whole new level and has even become an Olympic sport.

You can usually start out in skateboarding for around $200.00 that includes skateboard and protection. But nowadays with all the online market places you may be able to find a used board in really good shape for a great price.


Soccer or the other football as I like to call it usually falls in the cost range of $200 to $250. $100 to $150 of that is registration fees but they usually include the uniform or at least a shirt. So on top of registration fees you will need Cleats. They normally run about $30 to $60 for a decent pair. I would suggest getting a used pair from the thrift store. They will serve the same purpose besides your child will probably outgrow them before the next season anyway. Other cost might be socks and shin guards. That is another $30 or so.


Basketball is My love. And is pretty inexpensive. You will need good shoes of course. You can get a decent pair for around $60 to $90 or again look on market places or the thrift store. You can find some youth programs for as low as $20 but usually the registration cost is $80 to $100 some places like the YMCA or Boy’s and Girl’s club will work out payments on the fees. DON’T BE AFFRAID TO ASK. Also, always ask what the registration cost covers. Sometimes the fee includes a team shirt.


You will need a swim suit or trunks. Cost between $10 to $40 depending on wear you buy it. Again The thrift store is good for these. Goggles cost around $15 for a good fitted pair. Then some flip-flops. Cost around $5 to $20. The cost of lessons if need Vary widely but usually range around $125


The cost of a good pair of running shoes can cost from $50 to $250. And yes it is important to have good shoes for running to prevent injury. Running shorts cost between $20 and $50. Again I encourage market place and thrift stores.


Karate cost between $25 and $50 per lesson and lessons are usually 2 to 3 times a week. More as your child advances. Yes, this can add up over time but many people find it easier to come up the lower amount a couple times per week rather than one lump sum for other sports.

Flag Football.

Flag Football the step before Pop Warner/peewee Football ranges from $90 to $130 and there is no gear other than a mouth guard and flag belt which are usually included in the registration cost. Other than that they will need cleats and they cost from $20 to $50.

Little league Baseball.

Registration usually cost between $100 and $200 depending on age and location, but that includes the uniform shirt and hat you may be required to purchase baseball pants yourself. Cost on top of registration are a Glove cost about $20 to $40 I do not recommend using the thrift store or Marketplace for a Glove as the glove forms to your children’s hand so a new one is best. Cleats $20 to $50.

Side notes.

Always remember these cost may vary from not only state to state but city to city as well, and as your child progresses and ages the cost will go up as well. You will also have to factor in any transportation cost if your child competes outside of your area.

Why are Youth sports so expensive.

This is a good question and I will answer it the best I can. There are several factors.

  1. The officials have to be paid. Some refs and coaches volunteer their time but if not that is an expense needed to be paid.
  2. Paying for field time, and field maintenance
  3. Insurance.
  4. Utilities.
  5. Gear and/ or uniforms
  6. Concessions.

These are just a few of the cost that registration fees pay for and the cost also varies from sport to sport.

Did you know.

Did you know the average family pays $1,000 to $1,500 per year per child on sports.

Some things you can ask.

For any sport always ask what the registration cost covers. If they have any kind of payment plan or if they have a donation fund that will help with the cost if needed,

Answers to Random Trivia

  1. Miami Dolphins
  2. Joe Frazier
  3. 18 Inches
  4. A Turkey
  5. Serena Williams
  6. National Basketball Association
  7. Tennis
  8. Badminton
  9. Indy 500
  10. A pitch
  11. Basketball
  12. 5
  13. 21
  14. 5 Minutes
  15. Billy Jean King
  16. 1994
  17. Dallas Cowboys
  18. 6
  19. Evgeni Nabokov
  20. RedZone
  21. The Barrel
  22. soccer
  23. Lacrosse
  24. Jake LaMotta
  25. 15

Hope you enjoyed this Trivia Quiz.

Random Sports Trivia How well do you know sports?

Whether it be Hockey, Football, Baseball, Golf or Darts. Sports have been around for ever. Some longer than others. We all love our sports, And have some knowledge of our favorite team or sport, but how much do you know about the sports world as a whole? Test your knowledge or quiz your friends.

Leave your score in the comments below.

  1. Which is the only American football team to go undefeated the whole season including the super bowl?
  2. Who was the first Boxer to defeat Muhammad Ali?



  3. What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?



  4. What is it called when a person gets 3 strikes in bowling?



  5. Who has won the most Tennis Grand Slam titles?



  6. What does NBA stand for?



  7. In what game is LOVE a score?



  8. What sport uses a net, Racket and shuttlecock?



  9. What sport is held every year on Mimorial Day?
  10. What is a soccer field called?
  11. What sport starts with tip off or jump ball?
  12. How many points are in a Rugby touchdown?
  13. How old was Tiger Woods when he won the masters?
  14. In golf How long are players allowed to search for their ball?
  15. Who defeated Tennis player Bobby Riggs in the famous battle of the sexes?
  16. What year did the players go on strike resulting in No world series?
  17. What team won 3 Superbowl in the 1990’s?
  18. How many personal fouls can a player get in the NBA before being ejected from a game?
  19. What former San Jose Shark goaltender retired from the NHL in 2015?
  20. The part of a football field between your opponent’s 20-yard line end zone is called what?
  21. What part of the dart do you hold when throwing it.
  22. What sport is known as the king of sports?



  23. What is the national sport of Canada?



  24. What Boxer was the movie Raging Bull about?



  25. How many flags are there is NASCAR?



What was your score? Did you quiz yourself or a friend? Did you know them all or did you learn something new?


15 Tips to Improve your basketball skills

Man Spinning a basketball

Playing basketball not only kept me in shape, But the fast paced nature of the game was so exhilarating. I loved the action of every play. Watching the ball go from one person to another then finally in the net or unfortunately sometimes into one of your opponents hands. But win or lose to me it was more about being out there on that court playing a game that I loved. Now don’t get me wrong I loved winning and my team was definitely always out for the win, but we were not sore losers when we lost. We had a great coach that made sure he not only taught us the game of basketball but taught us human kindness to. He taught us that loving the game does not always mean winning the game.

I’m not going to say I ever became a master B-Ball player, but I did everything I could to improve my performance at ever game. I worked my butt off on and off the court.

I have come up with 15 tips I used and may help you as well.

Improving your skills.

  • Get in shape. Basketball can be a physical challenge. If, are not in good shape you can cause injury to yourself. There is a lot of running and jumping in basketball and it is all very fast paced. I road my bike or ran every day that I wasn’t at practice to build and strengthen my leg muscles. I also did High knee running in place. For arm strength I worked out with light weights only 5lbs. Arm strength is important for dribbling and passing the ball, but you don’t need to be bulked up.
  • Dribbling. I practiced dribbling both standing in place and running. I also taught myself to dribble with both my dominant right hand and my left hand.learning to dribble with your weak hand is important in case your opponent is on the outside you can dribble on the inside. But don’t dribble with one then switch. Although I think this is legal in youth basketball I do not believe it is in college or pro so better to not even get into that habit. Remember you have better control of the ball if you don’t dribble to hard.
  • Jumping. Start out jumping in place jump up on a curb first with your legs together then slightly apart. Then practice jumping as you make a shot.
  • Rebounding. Bounce the ball as hard as you can and jump to catch it. See if you can catch it before it drops half the distance of the bounce. You can also throw the ball at a wall in the opposite direction from where you are standing and tryPlayer dribbling a basketball to get it before it bounces or at least before the second bounce.
  • Shooting. Practice shooting from different spots on the court. Do this first in a standing position then try it running at the hoop.
  • Defending. Work on your defense. If, don’t have someone to help you with this one use your shadow. Place the ball on a chair in front of you. With your arms out watch the ball as you move from side to side also watch your arm and leg position of your shadow. Could an opponent get the ball under or through your legs? or past your arms?
  • Passing. Again if you don’t have another person to pass to use an object. This can be a chair. A dot on the garage, or just about anything. Try from different positions to pass the ball to that object.
  • Passing Positions. Work on passing behind your back, directly in front of you, through your legs ETC.
  • Work on your hand alignment on the ball. How you handle the ball effects becoming a consistent shooter, and passer.
  • Game speed. Try doing all the above at game speed. It is always easier doing things on your own at a slower speed, but doing them at game speed and under pressure it completely different. That is why coaches have scrimmage games.
  • Weaknesses. Identify, understand and work on your weaknesses.
  • Get to know your teammates strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what your teammates strengths and weaknesses as well as your own will help your game play. It will help you during a game with knowing who to pass the ball to, who may want to pass the ball to you etc. Also if possible get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.
  • Try to make every team practice. Being at practice is not only important for you but for your team as well. This is wear you get to know one another not only on a teammate perspective but as individuals.
  • Never feel like you are the only one. No matter how good you get ALWAYS remember you are part of a team. No one is the only one. And not everyone is good at everything. Help teammates if they need improvement with something you are good at and never be afraid to ask if you need help.
  • Most important skill you could probably have is kindness. Be kind and respectful. Not only to your team, but the other team as well. Just enjoy the game win or lose. As I mentioned in a previous post my coach always taught us we are humans before we are basketball players.

Some things to Remember.

Some people just have natural skills so don’t get discouraged if someone else is better than you at first. Most people have to work at their skills and it takes time. Don’t give up. Work hard and make the best of the skills you are good at.

Wear Properly fitting shoes to help avoid injuries and sliding on the court.

Never lose your temper.

Basketball Rules. How to play Youth Basketball

Cartoon image of a finger spinning a basketball

Basketball rules and regulations differ slightly depending on the level. Professional rules differ a bit from college rules and college rules differ a bit from high school and youth. The rules also differ slightly in the USA from international rules.

In this article we will be discussing the rules of youth basketball.


Basketball is a wonderful game played by millions of youth both in the US and around the globe.

At what age can you play Youth Basketball?

Youth basketball generally goes from ages 5 to 13. Personally I would recommend you not start your child playing on an actual coached team until they are around 7 or 8. I just feel 5 and 6 year old are not ready to comprehend and may become discouraged and not want to continue. I think if you want your child to start the basics of basketball that early it should be more of a one on one of just learning things like how to dribble, how to pass etc.

Leagues are usually organized by age group, and normally the ages are within two years apart meaning the team may consist of children from ages 5 to 7 or 7 to 9 etc. but this can vary depending on the amount of children available in those age groups. This is another reason I suggest not starting your child at 5 or 6.

Regulation balls and basket height.

Youth balls come in three sized 4, 5, and 6. The basic height for youth hoop is 10ft but usually gets lowered to 8 or 8.5 ft, for the younger ones.

Just a few basics to start.

If your child is between ages 5 to 11 they do not start the game with a jump shot as most games start. Instead, they do a coin toss and the team that wins the toss throws the ball in at half court.

This age group also does not have three (3) pointers. Why you might ask. Well taking away three pointers and jump ball takes away some pressures on this age group and allows them to build confidence and it also encourages them to shoot from an age appropriate range. Once they reach the 12year and up range then the jump ball and three pointers are put back in the game. This age group has a better grasp on the basics of the game and has a little more strength. I personally think this is a great way to play. I mean I know when I was 5, 6, or 7 I defiantly could not have made a 3 pointer. I was barely able to make them in middle school.

This age group also can only have a one on one “Player to Player” Defense as well . Then at 12 and up they start zone defense.

There is also no double teaming in this age group nor can they steal from a dribbler.

There is also no shot clock until 12 and up.

Again you may ask why all of these items are removed from the youth age well honestly these are just league guidelines and of course they can vary. If you have a child in this age group that is more advanced in the games and their abilities they can probably be put into a different age group or you may find a team of more advanced players in a younger age group. Pretty much these guidelines are in place so the children of the younger age groups can enjoy the game and learn the basics without feeling too much pressure. You have to remember they learn as they grow and grow as they learn.

About the game.

Okay now that we have gone over some basic rules and guidelines for youth basketball lets now discuss the object of the game.

Basketball is played with two teams. Each team has five (5) players on the court at a time. The player positions are.

  • Power Forward
  • Small ForwardImage showing the player positions on a basketball court
  • Point Guard
  • Shooting Guard
  • Center

The object of the game is to outscore the other team by making baskets and preventing them from doing the same. At the beginning of the game each team is given their hoop. They will make points in that hoop until the second half then they switch.

The game starts at the middle of the court. In youth a coin is tossed to determine who gets the ball first. Ages 12 and up do jump ball. This is where the basketball is tossed in the air by the referee and a player from each team jumps and swats the ball.

Getting the ball to your basket.

Okay now to get the ball to your basket you can dribble it while running up the court or you can pass the ball from player to player. But do not double dribble that is an illegal action. “We will discuss that more in our illegal plays and fouls”

You want to get the ball to your hoop and get it in to score. But the other team can block you and steal the ball or they can also steal the ball as it is going up court. In youth from 7 to 11 the ball can not be stolen from a dribbler.

Once you make a basket the other team gets the ball. A player from the other team has a limited time to get the ball back on the court to one of his players.

How are points scored.

A basket is worth two (2) points and a free throw is worth one (1) point.Basketball going through a hoop

There is also a three (3) point score but not in youth ages 5 to 11.

Illegal plays and fouls

  • Holding- When a player uses their hands to grab an opponent, and prevents them from moving.
  • Hand check – When a player continually uses their hands on an opposing player.
  • Illegal hand “Reaching in” – Similar to holding. Typically, called if you are touching the shooters arm or hand through their release.
  • Tripping – Using your feet or leg to throw off your opponent’s balance.
  • Elbowing – Swinging your elbow and hitting another player.
  • Technical foul – When another player or coach uses unsportsman like behavior.
  • Flagrant foul – Acting out violently in a way that can cause serious injury. May be intentional or unintentional.


  • Traveling – When a player takes more than two steps between dribbles or without dribbling the ball.
  • Palming – Dribbling the ball too far to the side or underneath.
  • Double dribble – When a player picks up the ball to establish their position then restarts to dribble or dribbles with both hands on the ball.
  • Back Court – When a player brings the ball over the half- court line then goes back over.
  • Kicking – When a player kicks the ball.

Some of these fouls and violations may be overlooked in youth Basketball especially in the younger age groups.

Traveling for instance may be overlooked

Double dribble may be overlooked

and Back courting may be overlooked

It really depends on the age, the Referee and the Coaches as to rather or not they want these calls made. I mean these kids are just learning the basic right.

Words and definitions.

  1. Dribbling – Advancing the ball up the court with one hand.
  2. Passing – Moving the ball around the court by throwing it to your teammates.
  3. Shooting – Putting the ball in the hoop.
  4. Rebounding – Getting the ball from a missed shot.
  5. Defending – Keeping the other team from scoring.

Most Important.

Always remember these kids are just learning and will make mistakes. Basketball as well as any other sport is meant to be fun, so be encouraging not only to your child but his teammates as well. Always be respectful to the coach, the opposing team and all spectators. Never use foul language or violent behavior.

These are just some basics to know before getting started. Remember that the rules and regulations vary from age group as well as from league to league and organization. Check with each to find out what the rules are when enrolling your child in the team.

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Youth Basketball ages 5 and up

Image of a basketballDo you want to be a basketball star?

Youth basketball is a great place to start. There are several choices out there. Many boys and girls clubs offer basketball, or your school, or basketball camp. Some Gyms even offer youth basketball. Some places depending on where you live even have basketball leagues that are year round.

Youth playing a basketball game


As far as cost goes basketball is one of the cheapest sports to get into.

The cost vary depending on where and who you play for.

If you play for a school they usually provide you with the uniform. So there your cost would only be to buy a pair of shoes that would be good for the court. Unless of course you want a net and ball to play and practice at home. Other expenses would be maybe gas and food if your parents went to an away game to watch you.

Now playing at a basketball camp on the other hand cost between $150 to $1,000.  These cost do not always include uniform fees, but some don’t require a uniform they just request that you bring white tee shirts and maybe a certain color of shorts.

The YMCA youth basketball cost between $80 and $120 this usually includes a Jersey.

The boys and girls club cost about $130 and also includes a jersey.

Now most schools don’t start sports until middle school so if you want to play before then your best bet would be the YMCA or the Boy’s and Girl’s club.

Most youth groups start at age eight (8).

Personally I would recommend starting out with a youth group of some kind to learn the basics. And do a little bit of research on the positions to see what position meets your strengths. Or what position you would like to play.

My story.

When I was in Jr. High School now known as middle school, I was encouraged by a good friend to try out for the school basketball team. Although I loved basketball, I was a bit intimidated to try out thinking I was not good enough to ever make the team. With a bit more encouragement and the promise that she would try out if I did, I finally bit the bullet and added my name to the tryout roster.

Tryouts were three days long and we were tested on different abilities such as speed and endurance, how well we could dribble and pass the ball, making shot, and most important be a team player.

At the end of the third day the coach had us all sit on the floor, and said although we all did a great job, he could not pick all of us and if he called your name please stand up and walk over to the mid court line.

As he called off names, I wondered to myself are these the players or are these the ones being cut. Then there it was, He called my name. As I, walked to the mid court line my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. I was filled with anxiety not knowing if I had made the team or had been cut.

The coach called off a few more names than walked over to the mid court with all of us, turned to the others still sitting on the floor and announced. As I, said you were all great and my choice was hard unfortunately if you are still sitting down, you did not make the team. Then he turned to us that were standing and said, Congratulations you are all officially The Jaguars basketball team.

I don’t think I have ever been so excited as I was in that moment. Although, my friend not making the team was a bit disappointing.


After a few practices the coach called us altogether and informed us that he had made his position choices.  He informed me I would be a point guard.

Point Guard. What? ME?                                                                                                     

I was given the position of point guard. At first, I wondered why the coach would give me this important position being I was not a great shooter being of small stature, but I guess I was pretty good at reading not only my team but the other team as well, and I was good at guarding other players, stealing the ball and passing it to those I knew could make the shot and put points on the board.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

I never missed a practice. I wanted to be the best I could be and help my team. Even on days that we had no game or practice I practiced on my own.

I road my bike and ran to strengthen my legs, I worked on dribbling, and when I didn’t have someone with me to help, I would throw the ball at a wall as if it was another person to whom I was passing the ball to. I did all I could to work on myImage of a basketball court


I loved how it made me feel to be good at my position I sometimes wished I was taller though so I could make more baskets. But being a team player, I just became the best I could at the position I played and getting the ball to the players that could make the points.

Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t that I could not score at all I just couldn’t make the long shots. I practiced and practiced but that just was not in the cards for me. I soon realized that I needed to stop trying so hard to be a shooter and just master what I could do.

I have to say I played my position pretty good it was not often another player got past me. And when I stole the ball and passed it I almost always met my mark.

No, I am not trying to brag I am only stating that through hard work and commitment I became the best I could be at my position.

I wanted to be great at all of it but I realized that was not possible. The point I am trying to make is that it is best to work hard at the position you play no matter the sport instead of trying to do it all.

Trust the Coach.

The coach puts people in certain positions for a reason, so trust that no matter what position you play the coach put you there because he had trust that you would play well in that position. As I, stated above I wondered why the coach gave me the position of point guard when I was less than great at making shots. But when I asked him he explained to me that although I was not a great shooter I was good at handling the ball, blocking other players and getting the ball to the right people when I had it. See he understood that even though I myself could not make a great shot I was good at getting the ball and getting it to others on my team. He told me he knew that I understood not only my strengths but the strengths of the other players.

I did eventually become better at making shots. Not a three pointer but I put a few points on the board at a couple of games.

Everyone gets a chance.

I learned early on that it doesn’t matter who on your team scores the points what matters are getting the points on the board. We had a couple of players on our team that made almost every shot they tried for and I knew in a pinch these were the ones I wanted to get the ball to but I also wanted to give all the players on the court the chance to make points as well. Did this always work out in our favor? No, but when it did it sure built up the confidence in the player that scored. Our coach was pretty good at making us understand that yes, winning was important but win or lose we do it as a team and a team does not consist of just two or three good players. So rather you were a great shot or not if you were the only one open you were getting the ball.

On to the playoffs.

My team made it to the playoffs that year unfortunately I did not get to play in the last part of our season I moved away.

I wish I would have played for the other school I went to but I never tried out.

Where would I be now.

I often think back to those days and reminisce. Sometimes I even wonder if my life would have turned out different had I continued to play. Who knows I may have gone pro.

I really did love the game.

Life Lessons.

I learned a lot of life lessons playing basketball. Like just be you! You don’t have to be like Jenny who makes every shot. Take what you can do and master it or at least be the best you can be this is a real confidence builder. Everyone on a team has an important part because without one part/skill someone else’s part won’t function right. I mean if those great shooters didn’t have the point guard to block for them or get the ball to them then what are the chances of them making that shot? On the other hand if the point guard didn’t have those great shooters then who would put points on the board. Get the point? Team work is a must in any sport. It takes some great ethics to respect the position of ever player and their part in the game and not thinking you are the best and without you they would never win.

If I had to give any advice.

My advice to anyone who wants to play basketball is work hard at whatever position you are given. Make the best of your abilities in that position, but most of all be a team player.



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