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Top 3 Golf Clubs for $100 For men and women

As I promised.

As promised here is my information gathered and my breakdown of reviews on the best Golf clubs for men and women for Under $100. I decided to only go with three (3) of each club in this review. Because it really is harder than one would think to find decent new golf clubs for under $100.00. But still get good performance We did our best to stay on budget. It seems that when it comes to golf Cheaper IS NOT better. A lot of the cheaper golf clubs are not as durable as the more expensive ones. They also come with other issues like only being for people who are right-handed. Many do not meet the USGA standard and are illegal. Not illegal as in you will go to jail for using it. They are fine for 9 or 18 holes with the buddies just don’t try to join a competition or use them as a pro. Some other issues with the cheaper ones are that some users found the offset was hard to get used to, Club heads not durable or the shaft was to stiff, short or long. “I know there is a bad joke in there somewhere but we will just let that go” These are just a few issues brought to light about most of the cheaper clubs. With that being said the fallowing are the result we have come up with for you. Now we have taken into consideration all reviews good and bad and come up with an average on a 5 star basis.

Best clubs for men.


  1. Pinemeadow PGX offset Driver. Cost between $50 and $60. We gave it a 3.5 * for decent performance for the price good starter club.
  2.  TEC Plus 460cc Ti Matrix Driver. Cost between $40 and $60 We gave it a 3.0 * for decent performance for the price but not very durable.
  3. Intech Golf Oversized Bohemoth Driver. Cost between $40 and $70. We gave it a 3.9 * For decent performance for the price. Just a few reviews about how they expected more from a club with so much hype. Other than that the reviews on this club were pretty good.


  1. MACGREGOR MACFAIR 110 MACTEC X Fairway: Cost between $99 and $109 We gave it a 4.5 had great reviews like very underrated, almost as good as a Callaway, or ping. Also Unisex.
  2. Callaway X2 Hot: Cost between $89 to $125 We gave it a 5.0 Had excellent reviews.
  3. Pine meadow Yukon 15+: Cost between $50 and $60 We also gave this one a 4,5 no real negative reviews.


  1. Mazel Driving Iron: Cost $99 to $125 We gave it a 3.5 No real bad reviews mostly stuff like great price for a beginner club, Good for a beginner but not an advanced player. ETC.
  2. Lazrus Premium: Cost $60 We gave it a 3.5 Most reviews stated good club for a cheap price, Decent club, Biggest complaint was the weight.
  3. Callaway Big Bertha 2019: Cost $125 I know it is over 100 but when it comes to irons there isn’t much. We gave Big Bertha a 4.0. Got great reviews.


  1. TaylorMade Golf white smoke Putter: Cost $35 to $60 We gave it a 4.0 Got great reviews for price and performance.
  2. Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR 900: Cost $60 to $80 We gave it a 3.5 Got great reviews for price and performance.
  3. MacGeagor Golf MacTec 04 Extreme Putter: Cost $50 to $60 We gave it a 3.5 Not bad reviews just many saying it was a bit heavy for a putter.


  1. Cobra Men’s Baffler XL Hybrid: Cost $80 to $100 We gave it. 4.0 Many say it is gives a better hit than an Iron. One review even said it was and I quote The Cat’s Ass. I am assuming that is good.
  2. Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrid: Cost $46 and up We gave it 4.0 it had some bad reviews as far as weight and stiff shaft, but the good reviews far outweigh the bad ones.
  3. Mazel Men’s rescue Hybrid: $49 and up We gave it 4.5 this one had many excellent reviews.

Best clubs for Women.


  1. Pinemeadow PGS Offset Ladies Driver: Cost $75 to $85. We gave it 3.5 Had some complaints of feeling heavy and the shaft coming off.
  2. Power Bolt TPS Blackout Driver: $50 to $90. We gave it. 4.5 Had great reviews.
  3. Coolo Driver: $80 to $100. We gave it 3.5 a lot of not bad for the price reviews.


  1. 2018 Cobra Golf women’s King F8 Fairway: Cost $89. We gave it a 4.5 had great reviews.
  2. MacGregor MACFAIR 110 MACTEC X fairway Unisex: Cost $99 to $109. We gave it a 4.5 just as we did for the men.
  3. AGXGOLF Ladies 21 Degree Magnum #7 Utility Fairway wood: Cost $65 to $75. We gave it. 4.0 Could not find many reviews, so we made an average of what we did find.


  1. Mazel Driving Iron: Cost you can buy these in a set or for $99 each. We gave it 3.0 The reviews were Not to bad but not great neither. A lot of not bad for the price.
  2. Taylormade AeroBurner #5 iron Project X 4.0 Flex Shaft: Cost $70. We gave it Exactly what it has in the name a 4.0.
  3. Taylormade Rocketblaez Max #4 Iron: Cost: $59 to $65. We gave it 3.5 Reviews were not bad but not great. More of an improvement iron.


  1. Cleveland Huntington beach putter:
  2. Pinemeadows Golf women’s PGX Putter:
  3. Sorry Ladies I only found the 2 that specifically specified for women.


  1. Women’s Majek Golf Hybrid #8: Cost $90 to $100. We gave it. 4.0
  2. 2018 Cobra Golf Women’s King F8 Hybrid. Cost $80 to $100. We gave it. 4.5
  3. Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Hybrid: Cost. $125 and up. A bit over budget. 4.7

There it is. (Side Notes)

Please note this review as in My other review Best 5 Golf Clubs For Men and Women is based on not only research of the individual Golf clubs but other numerous page reviews and YouTube reviews when they were available.

Also notes that what works for one golfer may not work for another. There are many things to consider when buying a golf club such as your swing, you height etc. It really is rocket science.

One last note. Always remember each club has a purpose, and each number on that specific club also has a purpose. So just know the above clubs may not be what you need therefore you may spend more.

Most of these are available at Amazon, And please feel free to purchase them there.

As I stated in my Last article if you are just getting started in the game you may want to rent clubs or try to find used clubs for sale. At least until you are sure that you want to stick with the game or you know what you need and what feels right for your game.

Personally When I decided I am ready to start I will be looking into a used set. I found also in my research you can sometimes purchase a good used set of quality clubs for just a bit more than what it cost for just one of the good quality clubs.


I am not saying these clubs are of bad quality I am only stating that the lesser known name brands or even the cheaper end clubs of the name brands may not be of the same quality.

You really have to judge for yourself.

Top 5 Golf clubs. For Men and Women

Great Scots!

Golf has been around since the 15th century. It originated in Scotland around 1744 and the 18 holes and rules were made around 1764. Golf became more popular in the 1900 after the Scottish railway system was established allowing tourist to take the train to Scotland for a good ole 18 holes.

Golf has been enjoyed by men, women and children for decades around the world. Nearly 25 million people play golf.

But Why?

Why you ask is golf so popular?

  1. It can be a whole family activity.
  2. You get to be outside in beautiful surroundings. Most golf courses are quite beautiful.
  3. It is great exercise.


I have only played golf a few times and did find it enjoyable and relaxing yet a bit of a bummer at the same time because the person I played with was quite good and really rubbed in how bad he was beating me, I have however recently found myself more curious about the game. So I have been doing some research on clubs, shoes, balls etc.

Now being of short stature I wondered what kind of club would be best for me and I did a previous post about Golf Clubs for short women. You can check it out here.

In my research.

I found that there are around 50 different golf manufactures. Some sell all clubs and accessories and others specialize in a specific club and or accessories. There are probably thousands of styles to choose from. Not to mention taking into consideration the fact of being right-handed or left-handed.

Now I am no expert on Golf or the accessories. I just did the research not only for myself, but so you didn’t have to. After reading page upon page and taking notes about clubs and which are best and why. Taking in factors like distance, swing speed, consistency, ball flight etc. these are the ones I came up with. None of them got lower than a 4.0 out of 5 stars so They made my list. This list is not in order from highest to the lowest rating they are random. I found the brands most preferred by men and women then searched numerous reviews both on Google and YouTube. And came up with an average.


The main clubs are.

  1. Driver: The longest club in the bag, and used to hit a long shot.
  2. Wood: Not actually made of wood anymore. Usually made of hallow titanium or steel.
  3. Irons:
  4. Hybrids:
  5. Putter:

There are twelve clubs in a set they consist of three (3) woods, One (1) wedge, One (1) putter, One (1) hybrid and six (6) irons.

According to my research.

Top five brands of each club for men.



  1. Callaway Rogue ST MAX 5 *
  2. Cleveland Launcher XL 4.7 *
  3. Cobra LTDx 4.5 *
  4. Ping G425 MAX 4.8 *
  5. Mizuno ST-Z 220 4.8 *


  1. Callaway Rogue ST MAX. 4.9 *
  2. Cobra Speedzone Fairway wood. 4.6 *
  3. TaylorMade SIM MAX fairway wood 4.8 *
  4. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Fairway wood. 4.7 *
  5. Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood. 4.8 *


  1. Callaway Maverk Iron. 4.7 *
  2. TaylorMade SIM2 Max Iron. 4.6 *
  3. Callaway Mavrik Max Iron. 4.7 *
  4. Callaway Apex 2021 Iron. 4.7 *
  5. TaylorMade Stealth Irons. 4.8 *


  1. Srixon ZX hybrid. 4.0 *
  2. TaylorMade Stealth Hybrid. 4.8 *
  3. Ping G425 Hybrid. 4.7 *
  4. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hybrid. 4.7 *
  5. Wilson Launch Pad Hybrid. 4.9 *


  1. TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Brandon 3. 4.8 *
  2. Odyssey White Hot OG putter. 4.8 *
  3. Cobera King Vintage Sport-60. 4.5 *
  4. Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham. 4.7 *
  5. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12. 4.9 *


Top Brands of each club for women.


  1. Callaway Big Bertha REVA Driver. 4.8 *
  2. Callaway Women’s Mavrik Driver. 4.7
  3. Callaway Women’s Epic Max Driver. 4.8 *
  4. TaylorMade SIM2 Max women’s Driver. 4.7 *
  5. Cobra Women’s King Radspeed XB Driver. 4.8 *


  1. TaylorMade 2022 Stealth Fairway Wood. 4.8*
  2. Ping Women’s G Le 2.0 Fairway Wood. 4.7 *
  3. Callaway Women’s MAVRIK Fairway Wood. 4.7 *
  4. Callaway Women’s Rogue Fairway Wood. 4.7 *
  5. Titleist TSi2 Custom Fairway. 4.5 *


  1. TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Iron. 4.8 *
  2. Callaway Rogue ST Max Lite. 4.7 *
  3. Titleist T300 Women’s Iron 4.6 *
  4. Callaway Big Bertha Reva. 4.7 *
  5. Cleveland launcher XL Halo. 4.7 *


  1. PING Women’s G425 Hybrid. 4.7 *
  2. Cleveland Ladies Launcher XL Halo Hybrid. 4.7 *
  3. Callaway Women’s Rouge ST Max OS Lite Hybrid. 4.9 *
  4. TaylorMade Ladies SIM2 MAX Rescue. 4.8 *
  5. XXIO Ladies Eleven Hybrid. 4.8 *


  1. TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putters. 4.7 *
  2. Bionik 105 Nano white Putters. 4.4 *
  3. Callaway Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putters. 5.0 *
  4. Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter 4.5 *
  5. Tour Edge Women’s Lady edge Putters. 4.0 *

You can buy clubs in singles or in sets. As you can see there are five or six brands that most armature Golfers prefer but seems the Top 3 brands are.

  • TaylorMade
  • Callaway
  • Cleveland

I did however find it interesting that although these brands showed at the highest rankings for Armatures. When I researched which brands Pro Golfers prefer. Titleist Drivers was ranked best with around 13% of Pro’s choosing it and Titleist did not even make my list of top drivers. Top Woods used by the Pros are TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist and Callaway. Top Irons used are again Titleist and Callaway. Top Hybrids are Titeleist and Callaway. Top putters are Taylormade, Odyssey and Scotty Cameron. The Scotty Cameron did make my list of putters for men.

Quite interesting.

Another  thing I found very interesting and was completely unaware of is that Golfers pick and choose their clubs. They may use One brand for their Driver another for their Wood and so on. To be honest I was oblivious to this and thought they picked a brand and used that brand for every club. So actually what it all comes down to when picking clubs is what brand you prefer rather it is one brand for all your clubs or a mix and match of different brands.

I have a cousin who is an avid armature golfer and I asked him about his preferences. He is a huge fan of Ping Brand, and Callaway Brand, But does use other as well like Cleveland for his putter.

What it all boils down to is preference and cost. The fore mention clubs are a bit costly.  review on some lower cost Clubs top clubs for $100. I might suggest if your are considering taking up golf that you rent or by a used set until you know for sure if golf is for you. You defiantly don’t want to put out a large expense then decide you don’t like it.


                     Happy Golfing

Golf Clubs For short women

Golf anyone.

I have played miniature golf and a friendly game or two of regular golf. Not really knowing much about the sport, but as of lately I have been becoming more interested in seeing what the hype is all about.

I have found in my research that the standard men’s club is made for a man that is 5’9″ tall and the standard for a woman is made for a woman who is 5’7″ tall. The woman’s is typically about an inch shorter than the mans.

Now being a woman of short statured the typical club for a woman won’t even work for me. So now what?

What are our options?

Great question and in my research I have found there are a few answers.

1. They do make junior clubs that are typically made for people that are 5’3′ to 5’8″

2. They make petite clubs that are typically made for people that are 4’11” to  5’4″

3. You can have clubs special made. Before taking this route I would try the junior or petite.

How do I measure to see what size club is best?

I have yet to purchase any because I would like to go play a few times to make sure it is something I find enjoyable. But in my research for equipment and cost I have found a  great place to look for and/or purchase products.

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