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Top 8 Cheapest sports For Kids

There are thousands of sports not all of them are affordable to everyone. I have stated before that I feel sports are a vital part of life rather you watch or play them. Studies show playing sports can have a positive impact on a children’s health, school performance and overall well being.

Unfortunately most sports come with a cost like uniform fees, registration fees, lessons ETC. The cost can really add up and not everyone can afford them. I have always felt sports such as little league, peewee football, youth basketball and soccer should be at no cost but I do understand where the cost comes in.

There are many factors that make sports important. Not only the life lessons that can be learned playing sports, but it also gives your child something to feel good about and to do with their time and keeps them out of trouble. Something many youth today need.

I DO NOT Believe children should be forced to play sports but a bit of encouragement is good. Just remember as a parent to let your child pick what sport they are interested in and support them within that sport. Don’t push playing football on your child if they want to play baseball. Get the picture.

Although I completely believe in encouragement I DO NOT believe in bulling your child to be the best and that nothing else should matter but the sport. That is only teaching your child that their feelings don’t matter and can cause mental stress in the long run.

I also on the other hand DO NOT support the idea that every child should get to play or get a participation trophy if they didn’t put any effort into the game. In my opinion this is teaching children that they will be rewarded no matter what. In my opinion one of the reasons so many kids think they are owed something for nothing.

Way to many.

As I said there are thousands of sports way to many to list them all so instead I have come up with a list of the eight (8) most inexpensive sports to get started in. Now don’t get it wrong there is going to be some kind of cost in any sport but if your child wants to participate in track and field it is a lot cheaper to buy a good pair of running shoes then it is to spring for tennis or golf lessons.


Skateboarding has been around since the 50s but over the past couple decades it has been taken to a whole new level and has even become an Olympic sport.

You can usually start out in skateboarding for around $200.00 that includes skateboard and protection. But nowadays with all the online market places you may be able to find a used board in really good shape for a great price.


Soccer or the other football as I like to call it usually falls in the cost range of $200 to $250. $100 to $150 of that is registration fees but they usually include the uniform or at least a shirt. So on top of registration fees you will need Cleats. They normally run about $30 to $60 for a decent pair. I would suggest getting a used pair from the thrift store. They will serve the same purpose besides your child will probably outgrow them before the next season anyway. Other cost might be socks and shin guards. That is another $30 or so.


Basketball is My love. And is pretty inexpensive. You will need good shoes of course. You can get a decent pair for around $60 to $90 or again look on market places or the thrift store. You can find some youth programs for as low as $20 but usually the registration cost is $80 to $100 some places like the YMCA or Boy’s and Girl’s club will work out payments on the fees. DON’T BE AFFRAID TO ASK. Also, always ask what the registration cost covers. Sometimes the fee includes a team shirt.


You will need a swim suit or trunks. Cost between $10 to $40 depending on wear you buy it. Again The thrift store is good for these. Goggles cost around $15 for a good fitted pair. Then some flip-flops. Cost around $5 to $20. The cost of lessons if need Vary widely but usually range around $125


The cost of a good pair of running shoes can cost from $50 to $250. And yes it is important to have good shoes for running to prevent injury. Running shorts cost between $20 and $50. Again I encourage market place and thrift stores.


Karate cost between $25 and $50 per lesson and lessons are usually 2 to 3 times a week. More as your child advances. Yes, this can add up over time but many people find it easier to come up the lower amount a couple times per week rather than one lump sum for other sports.

Flag Football.

Flag Football the step before Pop Warner/peewee Football ranges from $90 to $130 and there is no gear other than a mouth guard and flag belt which are usually included in the registration cost. Other than that they will need cleats and they cost from $20 to $50.

Little league Baseball.

Registration usually cost between $100 and $200 depending on age and location, but that includes the uniform shirt and hat you may be required to purchase baseball pants yourself. Cost on top of registration are a Glove cost about $20 to $40 I do not recommend using the thrift store or Marketplace for a Glove as the glove forms to your children’s hand so a new one is best. Cleats $20 to $50.

Side notes.

Always remember these cost may vary from not only state to state but city to city as well, and as your child progresses and ages the cost will go up as well. You will also have to factor in any transportation cost if your child competes outside of your area.

Why are Youth sports so expensive.

This is a good question and I will answer it the best I can. There are several factors.

  1. The officials have to be paid. Some refs and coaches volunteer their time but if not that is an expense needed to be paid.
  2. Paying for field time, and field maintenance
  3. Insurance.
  4. Utilities.
  5. Gear and/ or uniforms
  6. Concessions.

These are just a few of the cost that registration fees pay for and the cost also varies from sport to sport.

Did you know.

Did you know the average family pays $1,000 to $1,500 per year per child on sports.

Some things you can ask.

For any sport always ask what the registration cost covers. If they have any kind of payment plan or if they have a donation fund that will help with the cost if needed,

Got The Grill? Football Parties and Tailgating

Whether at home or a tailgating party BBQing before the game is aces.

Bring on the BRATS!

BRATS, Burgers, Chicken or steak no game day party is complete without food from the grill. Yes, Finger foods are great also, but there is just something about smelling food cooking on the Grill that gets you ready for the game.

Picture this.

Standing in the yard or at the end of your Pickup truck in a parking lot, cold beer in hand hot food on the BBQ and talking it up with your best buds as you wait for kickoff. The sizzle of the burgers as you flip em. The smell of cooking all beef patties lingering in the air. Pans on the table filled with baked beans, Mac-N-Cheese, Potato salad and chips. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Foods up Games on!

Biting into a nice juicy burger and washing it down with a cold one as the ball flies through the air.

Routing your team on as they charge forward. Yelling at the refs for a bad call.

BBQs, Good friends and the game! There is nothing like it.

In some places BBQ and Football are near religion. I know they’re two of my favorite things.

BBQed food just taste better, and there is just a great feeling cooking on a grill. Combine that with football and it just feels complete.

Charcoal or Propane?

Now some people prefer to use propane (AKA) gas grills. Myself I will stick with the charcoal or flavored wood in the smoker. To me it not only makes the food taste better, but there is just something about the smell that gets my mouth watering.

Everything is different with charcoal, It smells different, it cooks different, it tastes different hell it even sizzles different. To me all of that is what makes BBQing great. When you use gas you might as well just cook it on the stove or in the oven.

Gas Vs Charcoal will always be a great debate. Much like what came first the chicken or the egg.

Why some people like Gas Grills.

You can cook more delicate foods like fruits, vegetables, fish.
You don’t get over powering smoky flavor.

They heat up faster and have temperature control.

Food stays moister. (Opinion)

Why some prefer Charcoal Grills.

Flavor <—— Most important

Gets Hotter- Ensure a Sear that locks in flavor.

Gives that char broiled look.

What some don’t know.

Did you know that you can control the heat on charcoal grills? There are two ways to achieve this. One is by putting fewer coals in one spot hence giving less heat or putting food on the other side with no coals cooking with just the heat caused by the coals not direct heat. The venting is the other way depending on how much air flow there is coming into your grill also has a lot to do with how hot your grill gets and stays.

No matter your choice or preference one thing remains the same and that is there is nothing better than great food, good friends and Sports on the television.

Click the link below to check out My review on my Royal Gourmet Grill. Or check out others by using the Amazon links.


Happy Grilling!

No matter you preference one thing remains the same there is nothing like cooking outside on the grill and when you add good friends and sports in the mix it usually equals to a great time.

Football and beer. Like butter and popcorn.

There is nothing like a nice frosty cold one when watching the game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Whether you are in the stands at a live game, Tailgating in the parking lot or just chillin at home a cold beer in hand is a must. There is just something about sports and beer.

They just go good together Like butter and popcorn. Now of course the highest ranking of beer drinking is done during a football or baseball game This is primarily because these two sporting advents usually have tailgating parties before the game.

But they ranked high among those who watch the game at home or a sports bar as well. 84% of adults claimed they drank during a sporting event especially football. What is it with us football fans? Basketball ranked pretty close to these.

I guess other sports don’t have as rowdy a bunch watching. Just kidding. But all jokes aside there is still a 67% consumption rate at other sports events just not the frosty suds. I somehow just can’t picture a fan at a tennis match chuggin a beer. More like spirits or wine I suppose.

No matter if it is in a bottle, can, a frosty mug or one of those magical plastic cups at a live game. There is just a refreshing feeling as each sip of that liquid gold goes down your throat.

I don’t go to many live games, So I am pretty much a stay at home and watch kind of gal. Not to mention the fact that I can get a whole six-pack to drink at home for the cost of one cold one at a game.

That’s right beer cost between 9.25 and 11.00. Each. The average vendor makes between 10,000 and 15,000 on beer alone per game. So although live games are great I am content sitting at home in my sweats and get my monies worth with my beer.

Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking them

for charging so much it is all part of the experience I am just saying I can have a good experience at home for a fraction of the cost.

Sure I don’t get to listen to thousands of other screaming fans or the opportunity to catch a foul ball at a baseball game. But I also don’t have to worry about getting into a fight or an accident.

Did you know on average 5000 fans leave a sporting event drunk? That is 1 in 12. So if you go to an event with 11 other people one of you is DRUNK!

The fact is though most people that leave the game drunk were already half-way there before the game started. Statistics say almost one third of fans start their drinking at least two hours before the event and usually consume three or more drinks.

Drinks vary from fan to fan but the average fan drinks at least three more beverages at the game, and believe it or not some teams fans are more likely to drink more per game than others.

For instance the Cincinnati Bengals have the highest at 5.2 drinks per game.

Whereas, San Francisco 49ers are the lowest at only 2.6 drinks per game.

My team the Denver Broncos are in the high range as well at 4.4 drinks per game. GO ORANGE AND BLUE!

This means most people spend between $30 and $70 just on beer.


I’m not going to list all the stats about this team by team but you can look them up. It is actually pretty astonishing when you think about how much alcohol/Beer we consume in this country during sporting event especially when some countries still have total bans ‘Prohibition’ or strict alcohol consumption policies in place .

I personally think this is partly why sports bars are making a great come back. You can sit in a comfortable atmosphere with other fans watching the game eating good food drinking your beer at a decent price and you don’t have to stand in long lines to get the food or beer. Not to mention the bathroom. I mean really have you ever tried to use the bathrooms at a sporting event? You miss 30 minutes of the game just waiting to pee.

Another great thing is most sports bars are local and won’t charge or ticket your car if left in the parking lot overnight because you had a bit too much to drink and had to take an Uber home.

Blue Moon, Corona, Samuel Adams, Amber Ale, Miller, Miller Light, Guinness, Shock Top, Modelo, Busch, Coors, Coors Light, and of course the Official Sponsor of the NFL Budweiser, Bud Light along with many others. Over 100 different styles in fact. But the number #1 is Budweiser. That’s right Budweiser is the number one valued brand worldwide. The fact that they are the official sponsor of the NFL says it all.

I like bud or bud Light, But personally I prefer Coors light to any other beer. No matter your beer choice, the snacks you have with it or what sport you are watching or what team you Cheer for, having a cold one in your hand while watching the game just fits.

Remember always drink responsibly.

Sports. The Love of the game.

Why do we love sports’?

There are many reasons people love sports’. First off it is aesthetically pleasing. Why would I use the word aesthetically to describe sports’? Sports aren’t beautiful you say. Oh, but they are! I mean really give it some thought. There is beauty from the colors of the uniforms to the way players are lined up on the field. It is emotional expression. An escape from reality. Sports make you feel a part of something whether you are watching or playing. And no matter the sport if you are a fan you have a connection to millions of other people you don’t even know. Sports give people a sense of accomplishment. A unity like no other. They are a healthy and fun way to stay in shape or to spend time with people you enjoy.

The BIG cheer.

Watching a game and cheering on your team is exhilarating. It gets your adrenaline pumping. To watch your favorite receiver catch a ball and run for that touchdown, watching your favorite baseball player hit one out of the park or your favorite basketball player make a three pointer when the score is tied and there is only 5 seconds left on the clock. Oh, man there is NOTHING like it! GO TEAM GO!


Being a sports’ fan gives you pride. Especially when your team wins a big game or someone on your team does something great. To most sports’ fans being a fan means being part of the team. Sure your not the one getting the touch down, home run, three pointers, or goal, but you are right there every step of the way just like their team-mates.

Economic Impact.

Yes, Professional Athletes make a lot of money, but did you know that many of them also donate a lot of money to very important causes such as The March of dimes, Red Cross, Children Hospitals, Parkinson Research, make a wish, Heart Disease. Just to name a few. Not to mention many have also opened organizations to support programs for under privileged youth.

Sports also make a huge economic impact. Mainly through tourism or people eating at local restaurant or buying gas at a local gas station before the game. And think of all the people that are employed because of games such as the vendors the ticket sales agent. The sports’ industry alone produces around 450,000 jobs.

Die Hard.

I am a die hard fan of all my teams I stick with em win or lose as most fans do. Sure we get mad when our team loses, but you can’t win em all.

There are many things to love about sports’ way to many to list and I am sure any given person would give you their own reasons why they love sports’ but in short it is as the title says all about the love of the game.

Cracker Jack’s and Jill’s

Jill’s you say?

That’s right! I heard the most interesting story today that Frito lay is coming out with Cracker Jill’s to Celebrate the women who break down barriers in sport.

kudos to all the women who are breaking these barriers.

Now here is the thing. Many have asked as do I. Does Frito Lay really care about the barriers women have to jump over and bust through to participate in sports or are they just using this as a sales gimmick? Do they really care that women playing the same sports as men do not get equal pay as men.

Did you know that male athletes make from 15% to 100% more than women athletes for playing the same sport?

Will part of the proceeds go to woman’s organizations that fight for equal pay for women? There is a BIG difference between celebrating them and supporting them. Continue reading “Cracker Jack’s and Jill’s”

All Sports Fanatic

Do you love all sport?

I love all sports of course I enjoy some more than others, but find them all exciting. I absolutely love football. Being a die hard Denver Broncos fan I am excited to see what happens next season with Russell Wilson. I know being born and raised in the San Francisco bay area how dare I be a Denver fan. I hear that all the time.

Do you supports an out of area sports team?

As I said I am a die Hard Denver Broncos fan living in the Bay area so we all know this Is 49 Land or Raider nation. Needless to say it hard to find sports gear for my team in area stores unless by luck I come across a store that carries all sports gear, but most times stores like that are a bit out of budget. So I do endless searches online trying to find what I am looking for. Blue and Orange all the way Baby! Continue reading “All Sports Fanatic”

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