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NHL. Oh, Hockey Puck.

One sport I have never been able to get into is Hockey.

I mean what is it exactly that gets everyone going? It is a bunch of grown men skating around trying to hit a little black disc and or each other with an over sized putter all in an effort to hit said disc into a soccer net.

I am confused as to what this sport is. It is like Soccer, Golf, Roller Durby and the MMA all rolled into one game.

Did the person that invented this sport just one day say. ” You know hunny I am board I think I will put on a pair of iceskates, grab a big stick and hit an inadimite object into a net and beat the hell out of anyone who tries to stop me.

The Rules.

There are many rules. And they are confusing! You can beat the he-double hockey sticks “Yes, Pun intented”

out of someone and get away with it. But DO NOT take your gloves off because then it is an intent to fight! WHAT?

isn’t hitting someone or slamming them into the glass intent to fight? You can hit your oponit one


Penalties are a joke to me. You get a 2 minute penalty for touching the puck. and only a 10 minute penalty for hitting someone. Sounds to me like the puck is more important then the player. You get a penalty for hitting a player one way but not another. I just don’t get it. 

Help me understand.

Am I missing something? Explain to me what is so exciting about watching men hit a puck and beat each other up.

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