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Summer time Fun and sports. Swimming, Surfing, and jet skies.

Soon summer will be upon us, and we all know what that means. Swimming pools and beaches.

Did you know that swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the country? Yep approximately 31% of the population swim in either lakes, oceans, rivers and swimming pools.

I remember as a kid going to my neighbors house to swim. It was not a large pool just a round above ground type that was maybe 10 or 12 feet across. But my friends and I enjoyed it just the same. We would play Marco polo, dive for objects at the bottom of the pool and play pool basketball. But I think our favorite thing to do was run as fast as we could in a circle creating a whirlpool then stopping and let the water carry us around the pool. When we would get tired we would lay on lounge chairs and sun bathe and I’m not talking about the nice lounge chairs they have nowadays I’m talking about the retro ones from the 70s. You know the ones with the plastic that stuck to every part of you exposed skin and would some times even fold up on you. After a short rest period we would get back in and do it all over again. Most days we would swim as long as she or our parents allowed which was usually most of the day. Those are some great memories.

Have you ever gone down the rushing water of a river or creek in an inner tube? So much fun. We did it all the time when we would go camping in the summer. Now I’m not talking about raging waters but there are some water extremists that do that and other extreme water sports like Skiing, Flyboarding, Cliff diving, Wake boarding, Shark diving, Kite surfing, or Parasailing. Not me! I keep it simple and safe. Other than going down some light rapid waters I think Pool basketball or water jousting is about as extreme as I get.

I tried Towed Tubing once. Key word here is ONCE! I went about 15 feet bounced up in the air then smacked back down on

that tube. I was done. at Lake Barryessa in California with some friends at their cabin and we all decided to go tubing. Well they decided I was just along for the ride really, but with some coercing they convinced me to try it NEVER again! Nope not for me at all thanks.

Whether you are into water sports or just hanging out in the pool Water in great summer fun.

Swimming isn’t just fun it is healthy as well. Here are five benefits of swimming.

1. It is good for your heart.

2. A full body workout.

3. Great for helping with depression. That’s right swimming stimulates brain chemicals that help the growth of nerve cells and influences serotonin. It helps with anxiety and stress. Water Meditation is wonderful as well. It has been proven that meditating in or near water has the ability to enhance the Impact of your thoughts. That is why many meditation videos use water sounds or visual backgrounds.

4. Boost your metabolism. Just a casual swim can burn as many as 500 calories.

5. Builds endurance.

Yes, swimming is great for exercise, but there are so many other things you can do in the water.

In a swimming pool you can play fun games like Marco polo, water polo, dive for objects at the bottom of the pool, play water tag, pretend you are a deep sea diver, and many more. Or just keep it simple and float around on a blowup float or a tub.

Speaking of tubs. In rivers, you can float down the rougher water on a tub, or be pulled around a lake on a wave tub. There are so many water sports other than swimming. There is surfing, Skiing, Kayaking, Snorkeling,,Wake boarding, Rafting,Paddle boarding.


Water sports.

water polo

Kayak Racing




Fishing (some people question this one)




There are a few others as well, but these are a few of the more well-known ones.

What ever your water sports or fun may be always remember safety first.

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