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Make Money Online. Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you clicked on the link to this review chances are you have either heard of Wealthy Affiliate or Affiliate marketing and are seeking more information.

Let me Explain a little about Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate and hopefully help you in your decision process.

What is wealthy affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate marketing platform That teaches you how to set up an online business. They have training courses that help you from beginning to end. No matter if you are just getting started have a bit of experience or already have a successful online business there is always something more to learn or help you out and that is what they do at Wealthy Affiliate. They have live classes, video tutorials and live chat among other great services they provide.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a program where you sign up with a company to promote their products and earn a commission on each sell. The Diagram below will explain it better.

Do I need to be tech savvy?

No, Not at all! That is one of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate they walk you through every process with training videos tutorials and even live chat. When I started I didn’t know much at all about the Affiliate Marketing business and I am not a computer Nerd by any means. I tried other ways of starting but unfortunately they were not successful for me and the reason why was because

the others just told you how they did it, not actually walk you through or explain what they were talking about with tutorials and videos. And as I said not being very tech savvy at all I had no idea what they were talking about when they would say things like Google rankings, and Keywords. Much less when they made mentioned of things such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Wigits, Meta Tag, or SEO. And these are just a few of the important words. But with the help of the great community at Wealthy affiliate I am not only learning these technical terms and more I am learning what they are used for and how to use them to make my business great and stand out.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

No, Wealthy Affiliate is completely legitimate, and they do exactly what they say they will do. Some make claims to help you make a 6 figure income “Some state you can make this income within days” if you just fallow their training methods but they do not even come close to the in dept training that you receive from Wealthy Affiliate. Many other Gurus as some call them just show you ways to bring paid for traffic or give you loopholes that are not always successful and these are things you can only incorporate once you have already done all the hard work of learning how to even get started with setting up a website. Wealthy Affiliate starts at ground zero and walks you through the whole process from creating your website to generating traffic and then applying to companies for affiliate links. They are sincerely there to help you succeed. And they don’t claim you will be a success over night. And they do make it clear that it takes work and dedication to succeed.

How much does it cost?

It cost $0 to get started in the courses and training and you can keep the free membership for ever, but it is limited after seven (7) days I recommend you try the free membership first just to see what WA offers . Or you can upgrade to premium for only 49.00 per month or premium plus for $99 per month That is just a little over a dollar per day. Trust me when I say I

was a bit reluctant to upgrade because I was afraid of failing like I did with all the other programs and losing money I really could not afford to lose, but I finally made the decision to take a chance and  was I glad I did once I learned how much more you can get. Other programs charge $100 or even thousands to get started and you don’t get even half the programs and support that you will get with Wealthy Affiliate Not to mention hidden cost. Others try to make it sound so great by saying you get a free domain or your domain in only $2.99 for the first year and then $19.99 every year after, but then in the fine print it states you have to make a 2 year purchase so actually you are paying $2.99 + $19.99 = $22.98 plus Hosting cost any other hidden fees. And the free domain is very limited. I got a Domain that I own even if I choose to leave my hosting platform with wealthy affiliate and I pay only $15.00 a year.  See I have done my research and the others charge you separately for each service. With Wealthy affiliate you get it all and you make the choice to pay monthly or yearly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I have learned so much in the time I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member and it is well worth the money I have put into it. The fact that you can have up to 10 websites with premium and Hosting is included is reason enough to get it.                                                                                                                                      Besides, you can opt out at any time and will no longer be charged.                                                          Did I mention if you do choose to upgrade to a premium membership within the first 7 days you get great bonuses like.
  • 59% Off your first month. That means your first month is on $19.99
  • Unlimited 1 on 1 coaching
  •  Private access to personally message the Owners Kyle and Carson Both of Who I have contacted and chatted with personally,
  •  24/7   365 website support.

It cost nothing to get started. That’s right no credit card needed to get started so what have you got to lose?

Click here to see comparison 

It’s not just about the training.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just about the training it is also about having the interaction with a community of others that are at different levels of success to get advice from. Not once when I asked a question did it go unanswered. Having a community for help, advice or just to chat with really makes a difference then just listening to someone tell you what to do and then leaving you on your own. I can honestly say I have learned more and received more help from Wealthy Affiliate then any of the others I have tried. I am very impressed with them. They are obviously doing something right. They have been in business for 17 years and have over 1.4 million members. One thing I really appreciate is that Kyle and Carson, They are the owners of Wealthy affiliate don’t just sit behind the lines. They actually integrate with the community. They Help out with issues and give encouragement.

Can you really make money as an Affiliate Marketer?

Yes, you can 89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions. As of January 2022 statistics show that  there are approximately 3.5 Billion searches done online every day. And eCommerce retail purchases are expected to rise from 14.1 % to 22% in 2023. and will continue to rise.

92% of consumers trust referrals from  people they know, and 65% of all new business opportunities come from referrals.

If you are serious about living a care free lifestyle and owning your own business I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

They are second to none. No other platform offers an all in one package like Wealthy Affiliate offers.


Don’t just take my word for it. Check them out for yourself.


Trust Piolet

Wealthy Affiliate

Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

Is Pool and Billiards the same thing?


Pool or Billiards no matter what you call it it is one of the most amusing and some times most competitive non contact sport there is ” Well in my opinion anyway.”

I have loved pool for ever. My step dad is the one who actually introduced me to the game (sport) of pool, but I have never played competitively like on a professional level that is. I can get pretty competitive in a “Friendly” game though. Many do not think of pool as a sport yet others do. I refer to it as a sport because it meets the definition of a sport which is.

“An activity involving physical exertion and  skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Not that pool takes a lot of physical activity but you are using muscles to shoot the ball and walking around that table can be considered physical exertion as well. but pool takes a lot of mental skill.
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# 1 Sport in the world. Soccer the other football.

In the United states the most popular sport is American Football, but around the world the most popular sport is the other Football. Or as Most Americans call it Soccer. That’s right with 3.5 billion fan Soccer is the worlds favorite sport.

Although many similar games have been played for centuries in fact some leading back almost 2,000 years modern soccer started in England around 1863.

The first World Cup was played in 1930.

Did you know more people watch the World Cup than the Super Bowl?

Brazil’s men’s soccer league has won the World cup the most with a total of 5 wins and they are also the only team to have participated in every World Cup Finals tournament. Continue reading “# 1 Sport in the world. Soccer the other football.”

Women in sports.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 From Boxing to NASCAR                                                                                                                                                                     Women have come a long way when it comes to sports, we are joining in on the “Game” so to speak and I love it. I remember a time when women only played Tennis or softball. The times are changing folks.

We have woman’s fast pitch softball. Not sure why a woman pro baseball league doesn’t exist but it’s a start.

We have women’s Basketball.

Women are  playing football now and no, I do not mean soccer.  I mean real American football.

 Did you know there is a woman’s PRO football league?                                                                                                                                                                                                    We even have women in NASCAR.

Yep look out fellas we are coming!

On a more serious note it really is great to see women making this move forward and showing we got it too.

I have always loved sports I got to play baseball and basketball when I was younger but I wanted so much more. I would have given anything to have been able to play on my high school football team, but when I asked the coach he just laughed and said try cheerleading, girls don’t play ball!

Well a cheerleader I was not! Thinking back now I wish I would had fought him about it.
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All Sport accessories Are not the same

No matter your sports needs Rather it be football, baseball, basketball or golf just to name a few. Or maybe you are just looking for the right shoes and outfit for you Exercise regiment, great protein mix or maybe you just want to represent your favorite team with some fashion gear. Finding just the right product for your needs can sometimes be over whelming.

Knowing what sports accessories and equipment you need.

The best way to get started is knowing exactly what you need or want. Are you looking for sports gear for a child or an adult? Do you want pro sports gear or beginner sports gear? Do you want Name Brand Sports accessories or are you just as happy with off brand sports accessories?

Knowing the purpose of the sports accessory you choose.

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