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Colin is Callin NFL. Colin Kaepernick

Five years after opting out of his contract and pretty much being boycotted by the NFL for standing up to police brutality, and social injustice and taking a knee during the National Anthem Colin Kaepernick wants to come back to the NFL and is even willing to take the position of backup quarterback.

All I ask for is a chance to get back in and prove myself he says. Well I agree. Do I agree with what he did? Yes, and no, I do commend the kid for making a statement and standing up for what he believed in, but I also feel he went about it all wrong in the beginning. There is a right and wrong place for everything and the Ball field during the national anthem was the wrong place but I also feel that MANY fans’ over reacted to the situation therefore out of fear the NFL also over reacted. I completely stand behind the statement he was trying to make but I also feel politics and political statements do not belong in sports.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not a huge Kaepernick fan and not because of what he did, who he is, or the color of his skin but because I feel he comes off a little to cocky well that and he played for the 49ers. That being said he was a good quarterback and was fun to watch and I feel he deserves the chance to try to prove himself again. He has consistently been training in hopes of a return. So let him come back and if he can’t prove himself then release him do to his performance not his beliefs.

I mean The NFL has reinstated players that have done worse. Look at Michael Vick, I mean he served time for a dog fighting ring or Paul Hornung of the Green bay Packers along with Alex Karras of the Detroit Lions were suspended for betting on games yeah I know that was years ago. But just recently Calvin Ridley along with a few others were suspended for the exact same thing and banned for only a year. Let’s look at all the players that have been arrested for domestic violence or alcohol and drug abuse. And they are the ones that got caught so the NFL had to do something about it. Look I LOVE the NFL I am a huge football fan yet I also feel a lot of things “crimes” are overlooked in the NFL and other sports for that matter just so the player can continue to play. It seems that only once the news gets out or fans’ complaint does the higher ups do anything. And I honestly feel the only reason there was a big tado about this situation is because the fans’ had something negative to say about it. Yes, I said it! I really feel if there was not such a negative response to what Colin did that everything would have just went on as usual and Colin would still be playing for the NFL. What if all the fans’ had cheered and took a seat as well? Many people did not agree with how he went about it but they did agree with the statement he was trying to make and they kept their moths shut when they seen the negative response. I am even willing to bet there are some head coaches, and owners that agreed with him but went against him and what they themselves felt only because it was not popular and they knew they would get scrutinized for it.

My point here is only that it is not like this kid committed a violent crime or any crime at all for that matter. Is it polite and tradition to stand during the National Anthem? Yes, of course it is, but not doing so is NOT a crime. Now as I state before I do not agree with what Colin did, but I do feel that at the time he felt he was doing a good thing. Maybe he still feels it was the right thing, but again that is his right to feel that way. I don’t think he should be boycotted or stripped of opportunity to play on the basis of something he believed and took personal.

What if it was against a player religious beliefs to not stand? Would he to be boycotted and scrutinized? Sports are supposed to be for the fans’ enjoyment. Let’s make Football fun again. Leave your politics and whatever in the other room or at home. Love the players for the abilities not their beliefs.

okay so if Colin does come back who do you think will pick him up?

I have read that the tree most likely teams are the Seahawks, Ravens or Panthers. Who do you think it will be? I personally think the Seahawks will take him since they had thought about it once before and they now need a quarterback since my Great team the Denver Broncos “GO ORANGE AND BLUE” Now have Russell Wilson.

Who does Collin want to play for if he returns? Do you think he has a fave.?

I honestly hope he is reinstated and given a chance but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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2 Replies to “Colin is Callin NFL. Colin Kaepernick”

  1. Standing up for what one believes to be right and feel strong about, is all good and well, but it is the way in which one does it. Going about it in an illegal or socially irresponsible and unacceptable way, might mean you end up on the wrong side of the law, or the governing body that you are involved with. And in Colin Kaepernicks case it was the NFL. 

    So I also don’t agree with how he set about doing things, but is the NFL not biased in their actions now? They have reinstated other players for worse offences in the past. How likely do you think it is that the NFL will reinstate Colin? Or will it depend on public opinion? 

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