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Cracker Jack’s and Jill’s

Jill’s you say?

That’s right! I heard the most interesting story today that Frito lay is coming out with Cracker Jill’s to Celebrate the women who break down barriers in sport.

kudos to all the women who are breaking these barriers.

Now here is the thing. Many have asked as do I. Does Frito Lay really care about the barriers women have to jump over and bust through to participate in sports or are they just using this as a sales gimmick? Do they really care that women playing the same sports as men do not get equal pay as men.

Did you know that male athletes make from 15% to 100% more than women athletes for playing the same sport?

Will part of the proceeds go to woman’s organizations that fight for equal pay for women? There is a BIG difference between celebrating them and supporting more

Don’t get me wrong I love Frito Lay products and have loved Cracker Jack’s since I was a kid in the 70 and 80 when Cracker Jack’s still gave you toys in the box. “Best thing ever was opening that box for the prize! Especially if it was a Tattoo.”

I am just curious as are many others to know. gimmick or sincerity. I guess we may never know.

I can say though even if it is just a sales gimmick at least it has people thinking about women in sports.

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