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Football for beginners. Simple Lessons.

                          NOTE: Some of these lessons are just ways I learned, and taught my own child. I am by no means a pro or a coach. 

So your child wants to play football.

My  first and foremost advice would be to sit down with your child and help them get some understanding of the game.

Make sure they understand how demanding and challenging Football can be. Make sure they are aware that beyond most peewee leagues football is a total contact sport.

Make sure they are aware learning Football takes many hours of practice and concentration. Now some Children are naturals, but even with born skill it still takes hours of practice.

Make sure Your child is aware that there is so much more to the game other than throwing and catching a ball.

Some Basics.

Start out by buying an age appropriate ball. Yes, as I stated in an earlier post there are different size football and you defiantly don’t want to teach your 6 to 8 year old the basics of throwing and catching a ball with a pro size football. So that would be your starting point finding the right ball.

Now that you have the ball. let your child get a feel of it let him or her size it to their hand. Show them how to properly grip the ball.

Have your child toss the ball from one hand to the other just to get a better feel of the size. (This is how I learned).

Teaching accuracy.

Put some kind of marker on the ground and have your child throw the ball at the marker. This will help them get a better feel of the ball and help them with accuracy of their throw before throwing to a person. Sounds crazy but it works. after they get some accuracy down then you can start to play catch with them. ” Make sure they are aware that even the pro players don’t hit their target every time. This will help them not get discouraged.

Start out just a short distance from them then slowly move back as their accuracy gets better.

Running Drills.

Of course once they have down throwing and catching the ball in a stand still position then they will need to learn to throw and or catch the ball in motion. Start with short distances then work your way to longer distances.

They will also need to learn how to run up on the ball so once they get down motion catching try some sneak throws on them like throwing the ball a shorter distance than they have ran out this will teach them that some times the pass can be short and the need to run back up on it.

They will also need to learn getting under the ball. For this just throw the ball as high as you can straight up and have them judge the distance to get under it.

Once they get the hang of each drill start changing it up. Throw a bomb, them an air ball, then a short pass.

Tucking the ball and running with it.

Once they have down actually catching the ball in different scenarios they are going to want to learn how to tuck the ball to run with it. Teach them how to tuck the ball under their arm or hold it to their chest. Here are some pictures for examples.


Getting passed a blocker.

The next thing they are going to want to learn is how to get passed a blocker.

Teach them some simple maneuvers to start like side stepping or spinning away from the blocker.


Make sure to get some stretches and agility exercises in as well.

Try some Forward running, high-knee drills

Lateral running , side to side drills

Jump Box drills

These are just some simple starter methods that I have used myself in teaching children the basics. They will learn much more if they actually get involved in the sport.

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