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Got The Grill? Football Parties and Tailgating

Whether at home or a tailgating party BBQing before the game is aces.

Bring on the BRATS!

BRATS, Burgers, Chicken or steak no game day party is complete without food from the grill. Yes, Finger foods are great also, but there is just something about smelling food cooking on the Grill that gets you ready for the game.

Picture this.

Standing in the yard or at the end of your Pickup truck in a parking lot, cold beer in hand hot food on the BBQ and talking it up with your best buds as you wait for kickoff. The sizzle of the burgers as you flip em. The smell of cooking all beef patties lingering in the air. Pans on the table filled with baked beans, Mac-N-Cheese, Potato salad and chips. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Foods up Games on!

Biting into a nice juicy burger and washing it down with a cold one as the ball flies through the air.

Routing your team on as they charge forward. Yelling at the refs for a bad call.

BBQs, Good friends and the game! There is nothing like it.

In some places BBQ and Football are near religion. I know they’re two of my favorite things.

BBQed food just taste better, and there is just a great feeling cooking on a grill. Combine that with football and it just feels complete.

Charcoal or Propane?

Now some people prefer to use propane (AKA) gas grills. Myself I will stick with the charcoal or flavored wood in the smoker. To me it not only makes the food taste better, but there is just something about the smell that gets my mouth watering.

Everything is different with charcoal, It smells different, it cooks different, it tastes different hell it even sizzles different. To me all of that is what makes BBQing great. When you use gas you might as well just cook it on the stove or in the oven.

Gas Vs Charcoal will always be a great debate. Much like what came first the chicken or the egg.

Why some people like Gas Grills.

You can cook more delicate foods like fruits, vegetables, fish.
You don’t get over powering smoky flavor.

They heat up faster and have temperature control.

Food stays moister. (Opinion)

Why some prefer Charcoal Grills.

Flavor <—— Most important

Gets Hotter- Ensure a Sear that locks in flavor.

Gives that char broiled look.

What some don’t know.

Did you know that you can control the heat on charcoal grills? There are two ways to achieve this. One is by putting fewer coals in one spot hence giving less heat or putting food on the other side with no coals cooking with just the heat caused by the coals not direct heat. The venting is the other way depending on how much air flow there is coming into your grill also has a lot to do with how hot your grill gets and stays.

No matter your choice or preference one thing remains the same and that is there is nothing better than great food, good friends and Sports on the television.

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Happy Grilling!

No matter you preference one thing remains the same there is nothing like cooking outside on the grill and when you add good friends and sports in the mix it usually equals to a great time.

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