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Is Fitbit Sense any good?

Is the Fitbit Sense worth it?

Well after hours of reading reviews I would say NO!

Yes, there were several reviews that gave 3, 4 and even 5 stars to the Fitbit Sense but there were just as many if not more 1 and 2 star reviews. There were even a few that stated they only gave it a one star because there was no zero star option.

Fitbit sense comes with tools to track heart health, stress management, and skin temperature among other features. But these features are only free for a limited time then you have to upgrade to Fitbit Premium. What is Fitbit Premium?

Well Fitbit Premium is a monthly subscription that you will need to continue using the most important features on your Fitbit. That’s right on top of the $300.00 plus Dollars you paid for your purchase of this device you now have to pay $9.99 a month or $79.99 a year.

Now let’s get into that! You have to pay extra for the features you probably bought the item for in the first place and 90% of the bad reviews were about these features being difficult to read, setup, and/or they were not even accurate.

Some reviews.

Now these are not word for word but this is just a few things people had to say about the issues with Fitbit. They added more to their review but this is a summary of what was said.

  • Do not buy this. Poor quality product.
  • Unethical up sells.
  • Not impressed, pretty much a let down.
  • Adds made a bunch of hype over a piece of garbage. DO NO BUY!
  • Main feature I wanted doesn’t even work.
  • So disappointed!
  • All those sensors and can’t read the results.
  • Waste of money, and horrible customer service.
  • Still having issues even after updates.
  • Pay hundreds for this thing then have to pay more monthly to use the features that still don’t work right. I sent it back and you will too.
  • Has issues tracking heart rate correctly.

Now to be fair I will put up a few good reviews as well so you can make an accurate decision on your own not just by mine or other disappointed reviewers opinions.

  • Exactly what I needed.
  • If you have been a fitbit fan you will like this one.
  • Mostly great just a few nitpicks.
  • Best so far.
  • Pretty good tracker.
  • Maybe the best investment i have made for my health.
  • Can’t live without it.

I think you get the picture. Fitbit Sense did get an overall consumer rating of 4.9 out of 5

Not sure how they managed that score, but they have it just the same.


Q- Can you make calls from this watch?

A- No, you can not make calls, you can answer calls if your phone is nearby but there is no key pad for making outgoing calls.

Q-Does it work with an Android phone?

A- Yes,

Q- Is it waterproof?

A- No, it is water resistant.

Q- Does it come with a charger?

A- It comes with a USB cord but not the wall plug.

Q-Will it work if I have a tattoo on my wrist?

A- No,

Q- Does it track Yoga and Pilates?

A- Yes,

Q- Does it count calories?

A- Yes,

Q- If I fall or get injured can I call for help?

A- No,

So there you have it. After reading MANY reviews and some Q&A In my opinion I do not think the Fitbit Sense is worth the money. It has a lot of flaws, technical issues, and you can’t even make calls or text. Most people that purchase a wrist device do so they don’t have to carry their phone with them.

I personally would not put out the money for this device.

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