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# 1 Sport in the world. Soccer the other football.

In the United states the most popular sport is American Football, but around the world the most popular sport is the other Football. Or as Most Americans call it Soccer. That’s right with 3.5 billion fan Soccer is the worlds favorite sport.

Although many similar games have been played for centuries in fact some leading back almost 2,000 years modern soccer started in England around 1863.

The first World Cup was played in 1930.

Did you know more people watch the World Cup than the Super Bowl?

Brazil’s men’s soccer league has won the World cup the most with a total of 5 wins and they are also the only team to have participated in every World Cup Finals tournament.

United States Women’s soccer league has won the world cup the most with a total of 4 wins.

Men’s Olympic soccer started in 1900 where as the women’s Olympic soccer didn’t start until 1996.

Brazils Olympic team has won the most medals but the woman’s Olympic team has won the most GOLD medals.

Soccer is played with two teams of eleven (11) players. Players must only use their head, feet and chest to advance the ball down the field. The only player allowed to use their hands is the goalkeeper.

You think Football fans can get Belligerent or violent? Well they are nothing compared to some of the soccer fans around the world. Myself I seen no sense in the violence, but some fans love the sport and there home or countries team so much they just can’t stand a loss.

Soccer is not only fun to watch and play it is a great exercise.  Soccer is a great cardio workout being a aerobic and anaerobic sport.

As much as I love American football I can see why soccer is the worlds favorite sport. 

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