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Keeping Cool watching outside sports.

No one wants to sit through Peewee Football, a little league baseball game or youth soccer game in the  blazing sun.

Have you ever sat at a little league game for your child and came home with sunburn?

You want to watch your child play and enjoy it, but some times that is difficult when you have the hot sun blazing down on you.

Soaking up some sun and getting that vitamin D is great, but too much time in the direct sun can also be damaging. Not only can you get over heated and dehydrated with risk of sun stroke but too much sun also damages the skin. UVA rays can cause aging, wrinkles and loss of skins elasticity. Not to mention skin cancers and cataracts.

The suns rays are strongest between 10am and 4pm. And you shouldn’t have more than 30 minutes of direct exposure at any given time. Temperatures feel cooler in shade but it really isn’t the main benefit of shade is to avoid direct sunlight.

Sun screen is great, but most people do not use it properly. They either use too much which prevents vitamin D absorption or they don’t use enough which leaves some skin exposed.

Sitting on the sidelines of a playing field there is no shade. So people use umbrellas or hats but that isn’t always enough.

The best protection and shade is with the use of a canopy. Many canopies are easy to put up, lightweight and fairly inexpensive.  But give you the protection you need.

There are many great Canopies out there I suggest you check them out.

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 See why it is important to stay cool and Hydrated especially when you are participating in sports.                                                                                                                                                                                          Enjoy your sports in the shade and comfort of a canopy.

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