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NHL. Oh, Hockey Puck.

One sport I have never been able to get into is Hockey.

I mean what is it exactly that gets everyone going? It is a bunch of grown men skating around trying to hit a little black disc and or each other with an over sized putter all in an effort to hit said disc into a soccer net.

I am confused as to what this sport is. It is like Soccer, Golf, Roller Durby and the MMA all rolled into one game.

Did the person that invented this sport just one day say. ” You know hunny I am board I think I will put on a pair of iceskates, grab a big stick and hit an inadimite object into a net and beat the hell out of anyone who tries to stop me.

The Rules.

There are many rules. And they are confusing! You can beat the he-double hockey sticks “Yes, Pun intented”

out of someone and get away with it. But DO NOT take your gloves off because then it is an intent to fight! WHAT?

isn’t hitting someone or slamming them into the glass intent to fight? You can hit your oponit one


Penalties are a joke to me. You get a 2 minute penalty for touching the puck. and only a 10 minute penalty for hitting someone. Sounds to me like the puck is more important then the player. You get a penalty for hitting a player one way but not another. I just don’t get it. 

Help me understand.

Am I missing something? Explain to me what is so exciting about watching men hit a puck and beat each other up.

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4 Replies to “NHL. Oh, Hockey Puck.”

  1. Oh where do I begin. It’s not like any other sport! It’s hockey! It’s the sound of the skates on the ice! The talent it takes to control the puck with their hockey stick. The different types of shots that they take.

    It’s the penalties!! There are so many different penalties. And none of which you said are correct. You get 2 minutes for slashing, hooking, cross checking, boarding, tripping, high sticking, interference, too many men on the ice, delay of game, and roughing. Now if they make some one bleed they get a double minor so they sit for 4 minutes. If they fight they get 5 minutes. Now the 10 minute major comes in when the refs deem that the penalty caused major injury. For example when some one checks a defenseless player into the boards.

    The point of the penalties are to give a team a power play which wand you skate 5-4 or even 5-3 if the other team takes
    2 penalties but on the other hand the penalized team can score short handed goals

    And the goal is no where near the size of a soccer goal. It’s barely bigger than most goaltenders that play in the nhl today. Plus all the rules like offsides and icing are different then what soccer rules are.

    Hockey players are a different breed of human. These guys will take a frozen rubber hockey puck to the face, get stitched up and go back out there and continue to play! Once a player in the Dallas Stars had a heart attack on the bench and when they revived him he said he was good and wanted to go back out for his next shift!

    Hockey is all about the skill and the competition and the love of the game! These guys play 60 minutes sometimes on back to back nights and definitely more than 3 times a week and is a more demanding sport and they play 82 games a season.

    You don’t have to like hockey but you should have some respect for these players do! Both the men and women teams!

    1. Carol, Thank you for your feedback. You are obviously a fan and know much about the game. Some of the statements made in this post were pure sarcasm. I have tried to watch and understand this game but it just goes over my head. I guess maybe if I gave it time I might gain understanding of it and the game would grow on me, but as of now I JUST DO NOT GET IT. As far as respect for the player I have nothing but respect for anyone who plays any kind of contact sport, but for these guys I have major respect as this game is brutal!

      1. Yes this is a hard game to get into if you don’t understand it! When my dad was teaching my moms mom I remember my grandma getting excited and saying ohh I know what that is. It’s frosting! She meant icing but close enough.

        I get my love of the game from my dad. May I suggest that maybe you watch a game with someone who knows the game of hockey that will explain it to you.

        I feel if you learn the game you’d enjoy it. There’s a beauty in the brutality of it kind of like football

        1. Carol,
          I will defiantly take your advice and try again with someone they could help me understand exactly what it is I am watching.
          Thank you again for your response
          Patricia @ all sports accessories.

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