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Football and beer. Like butter and popcorn.

There is nothing like a nice frosty cold one when watching the game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Whether you are in the stands at a live game, Tailgating in the parking lot or just chillin at home a cold beer in hand is a must. There is just something about sports and beer.

They just go good together Like butter and popcorn. Now of course the highest ranking of beer drinking is done during a football or baseball game This is primarily because these two sporting advents usually have tailgating parties before the game.

But they ranked high among those who watch the game at home or a sports bar as well. 84% of adults claimed they drank during a sporting event especially football. What is it with us football fans? Basketball ranked pretty close to these.

I guess other sports don’t have as rowdy a bunch watching. Just kidding. But all jokes aside there is still a 67% consumption rate at other sports events just not the frosty suds. I somehow just can’t picture a fan at a tennis match chuggin a beer. More like spirits or wine I suppose.

No matter if it is in a bottle, can, a frosty mug or one of those magical plastic cups at a live game. There is just a refreshing feeling as each sip of that liquid gold goes down your throat.

I don’t go to many live games, So I am pretty much a stay at home and watch kind of gal. Not to mention the fact that I can get a whole six-pack to drink at home for the cost of one cold one at a game.

That’s right beer cost between 9.25 and 11.00. Each. The average vendor makes between 10,000 and 15,000 on beer alone per game. So although live games are great I am content sitting at home in my sweats and get my monies worth with my beer.

Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking them

for charging so much it is all part of the experience I am just saying I can have a good experience at home for a fraction of the cost.

Sure I don’t get to listen to thousands of other screaming fans or the opportunity to catch a foul ball at a baseball game. But I also don’t have to worry about getting into a fight or an accident.

Did you know on average 5000 fans leave a sporting event drunk? That is 1 in 12. So if you go to an event with 11 other people one of you is DRUNK!

The fact is though most people that leave the game drunk were already half-way there before the game started. Statistics say almost one third of fans start their drinking at least two hours before the event and usually consume three or more drinks.

Drinks vary from fan to fan but the average fan drinks at least three more beverages at the game, and believe it or not some teams fans are more likely to drink more per game than others.

For instance the Cincinnati Bengals have the highest at 5.2 drinks per game.

Whereas, San Francisco 49ers are the lowest at only 2.6 drinks per game.

My team the Denver Broncos are in the high range as well at 4.4 drinks per game. GO ORANGE AND BLUE!

This means most people spend between $30 and $70 just on beer.


I’m not going to list all the stats about this team by team but you can look them up. It is actually pretty astonishing when you think about how much alcohol/Beer we consume in this country during sporting event especially when some countries still have total bans ‘Prohibition’ or strict alcohol consumption policies in place .

I personally think this is partly why sports bars are making a great come back. You can sit in a comfortable atmosphere with other fans watching the game eating good food drinking your beer at a decent price and you don’t have to stand in long lines to get the food or beer. Not to mention the bathroom. I mean really have you ever tried to use the bathrooms at a sporting event? You miss 30 minutes of the game just waiting to pee.

Another great thing is most sports bars are local and won’t charge or ticket your car if left in the parking lot overnight because you had a bit too much to drink and had to take an Uber home.

Blue Moon, Corona, Samuel Adams, Amber Ale, Miller, Miller Light, Guinness, Shock Top, Modelo, Busch, Coors, Coors Light, and of course the Official Sponsor of the NFL Budweiser, Bud Light along with many others. Over 100 different styles in fact. But the number #1 is Budweiser. That’s right Budweiser is the number one valued brand worldwide. The fact that they are the official sponsor of the NFL says it all.

I like bud or bud Light, But personally I prefer Coors light to any other beer. No matter your beer choice, the snacks you have with it or what sport you are watching or what team you Cheer for, having a cold one in your hand while watching the game just fits.

Remember always drink responsibly.

2 Replies to “Football and beer. Like butter and popcorn.”

  1. You are so right, I cannot imagine many fans watching a game without having a drink, and normally it would be a cold beer. It is actually shocking what vendors do charge for a cold beer at a live game, and of course one is not allowed to take your own beer along with you. So if one in 12 people leave a game drunk, one does wonder whether they maybe arrived not completely sober!

    Although our family follows rugby more than football, there is never a game that is being watched, without cold beers in the house. Cheers to the next game. 

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I think I would defiantly have to have a cold one in my hand watching Rugby. LOL.

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