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Football Card Collecting.


Were you one of those kids that ran to the corner store as soon as you got your allowance to buy a new pack of sports cards?

Oh, the nostalgia. Remember the anticipation of tearing open the package to see what cards you got?

and the smell. They always had that distinct smell. Especially if it was a pack of Topps cards and had the bubble gum inside.

Remember smacking away at that hard stick of gum as you went through your new cards?

Unfortunately Topps no longer adds gum to their packs.

The Best cards.

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s like I did you ripped that pack open hoping for one of these cards.

Todd Christensen

Marcus Allen

Joe Montana

Walter Payton

John Elway

Jerry Rice

And many more. For me being a Bay Area girl and at the time an Oakland Raiders fan I wanted that Marcus  Allen card.

To bad, I never got one of those! 

Different brands.

What was your favorite deck to buy? Was it Topps, Upper Deck Or Panini?

I Usually got Topps since that was the most common and popular one of the decade. I think I will have to check out and see what they have and purchase some cards for my grandson. Or maybe even myself… Wish they still had gum!

1991 No more gum.

To me the gum was part of the experience of getting that pack of cards, but in 1991 they stopped inserting gum because serious collectors complained the gum left stains on the cards making the useless. I guess if I had become a serious collector I might have the same complaint, but as a kid the gum was awesome even though it was hard most of the time.

Most expensive cards.

The most expensive Football card  is the 2017 National Treasures NFL Shield Patrick Mahone rookie autographed card. It sold at a private auction for $4.3 million. 

I sure wish I had held onto my cards now. But as a kid you don’t always think about the value something like that can build up. To me as a kid it was more about getting that pack, chewing that gum and comparing cards with others and now and then trading one or two.


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