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Sports. The Love of the game.

Why do we love sports’?

There are many reasons people love sports’. First off it is aesthetically pleasing. Why would I use the word aesthetically to describe sports’? Sports aren’t beautiful you say. Oh, but they are! I mean really give it some thought. There is beauty from the colors of the uniforms to the way players are lined up on the field. It is emotional expression. An escape from reality. Sports make you feel a part of something whether you are watching or playing. And no matter the sport if you are a fan you have a connection to millions of other people you don’t even know. Sports give people a sense of accomplishment. A unity like no other. They are a healthy and fun way to stay in shape or to spend time with people you enjoy.

The BIG cheer.

Watching a game and cheering on your team is exhilarating. It gets your adrenaline pumping. To watch your favorite receiver catch a ball and run for that touchdown, watching your favorite baseball player hit one out of the park or your favorite basketball player make a three pointer when the score is tied and there is only 5 seconds left on the clock. Oh, man there is NOTHING like it! GO TEAM GO!


Being a sports’ fan gives you pride. Especially when your team wins a big game or someone on your team does something great. To most sports’ fans being a fan means being part of the team. Sure your not the one getting the touch down, home run, three pointers, or goal, but you are right there every step of the way just like their team-mates.

Economic Impact.

Yes, Professional Athletes make a lot of money, but did you know that many of them also donate a lot of money to very important causes such as The March of dimes, Red Cross, Children Hospitals, Parkinson Research, make a wish, Heart Disease. Just to name a few. Not to mention many have also opened organizations to support programs for under privileged youth.

Sports also make a huge economic impact. Mainly through tourism or people eating at local restaurant or buying gas at a local gas station before the game. And think of all the people that are employed because of games such as the vendors the ticket sales agent. The sports’ industry alone produces around 450,000 jobs.

Die Hard.

I am a die hard fan of all my teams I stick with em win or lose as most fans do. Sure we get mad when our team loses, but you can’t win em all.

There are many things to love about sports’ way to many to list and I am sure any given person would give you their own reasons why they love sports’ but in short it is as the title says all about the love of the game.

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