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Random Sports Trivia How well do you know sports?

Whether it be Hockey, Football, Baseball, Golf or Darts. Sports have been around for ever. Some longer than others. We all love our sports, And have some knowledge of our favorite team or sport, but how much do you know about the sports world as a whole? Test your knowledge or quiz your friends.

Leave your score in the comments below.

  1. Which is the only American football team to go undefeated the whole season including the super bowl?
  2. Who was the first Boxer to defeat Muhammad Ali?



  3. What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?



  4. What is it called when a person gets 3 strikes in bowling?



  5. Who has won the most Tennis Grand Slam titles?



  6. What does NBA stand for?



  7. In what game is LOVE a score?



  8. What sport uses a net, Racket and shuttlecock?



  9. What sport is held every year on Mimorial Day?
  10. What is a soccer field called?
  11. What sport starts with tip off or jump ball?
  12. How many points are in a Rugby touchdown?
  13. How old was Tiger Woods when he won the masters?
  14. In golf How long are players allowed to search for their ball?
  15. Who defeated Tennis player Bobby Riggs in the famous battle of the sexes?
  16. What year did the players go on strike resulting in No world series?
  17. What team won 3 Superbowl in the 1990’s?
  18. How many personal fouls can a player get in the NBA before being ejected from a game?
  19. What former San Jose Shark goaltender retired from the NHL in 2015?
  20. The part of a football field between your opponent’s 20-yard line end zone is called what?
  21. What part of the dart do you hold when throwing it.
  22. What sport is known as the king of sports?



  23. What is the national sport of Canada?



  24. What Boxer was the movie Raging Bull about?



  25. How many flags are there is NASCAR?



What was your score? Did you quiz yourself or a friend? Did you know them all or did you learn something new?


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