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Summer time sports.

Summer is coming and that means camping trips.

Camping trips were my favorite memories as a kid.

Playing in the dirt, swimming and fishing in the creek oh, what fun those days were.

Nothing like waking up unzipping the tent to a sunny summer morning and the smell of mom cooking eggs and fried potatoes on the Coleman camp stove.

After breakfast, it was time to go exploring. It never faild I would always end up with a boo boo. Good thing mom always packed the first aide kit.

Now time for some summer fun in the water. One of my favorite things to do besides fish in the creek was to swim in it. Or go tubing. I was always too afraid to go tubing down the rough water until I got a bit older so I usually just floated around most of the time. Dad would usually be a bit up the creek fishing. Mmmmm I could never wait to taste that fresh fried trout usually paired with fried potatoes left over from breakfast and some pork and beans.

As night fell dad would pump up the lanterns and announce let there be light. My siblings and I would sit at our camping table and play cards under the light of the lantern while the adults sat around the campfire chit chatting about adult stuff.

Finally it was time to hit the sack. We usually put our water floats under our sleeping bags for a little extra cushioning. Needless to say they were usually flat by morning but it worked for the night.

I always got excited when dad or one of my uncles would take me fishing. Walking to the creek with my creel strapped over my shoulder, and tackle box in hand.

To feel the fight of the fish was so thrilling. I was always mesmerized watching my uncle fly fish. Watching the fly smack the water then whip back and forth.

Wow! Camping was so much fun!

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