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Is Football BORING? What do you think

Footballs lined up in the form of a circle

Over the years I have heard several people make the comment, Football bores me. Well I am here to say it probably bores you because you don’t understand it. I mean it defiantly doesn’t take a genius to understand Football just some simple knowledge. I know when I was younger I hated when my step dad Turned on a game and I was forced to watch it. But with his explanations and watching the plays etc. I began to understand it and in turn not only began to like it but eventually grew to LOVE the game. So in this post I am hoping to give some understanding of the game. So you are a little less bored with it, and might learn to love it.

Let’s start with some Terms used in the game.

  • End Zone: This is the big area at the end of the field where a touchdown is made.
  • Field goal: 3 point score when the kicker kicks the ball through the crossbars of the goal post.
  • Goal post: The big thing at the end of the field in the end zone that looks like a huge Y.
  • Fumble: when a player drops the ball. The ball becomes available for any play from either team to take possession of the ball for his team.
  • Interception: When a ball is caught by a player on the opposing team ” The Defense”
  • Defense: The team who does not posses the ball and is trying to keep the other team from scoring.
  • Offense: The team that posses the ball and is trying to score.
  • Touchdown: When the offense advances the ball into the end zone to score.
  • Extra point: A kick made through the goal post after a touchdown is made.
  • Punt: A football kicked to the other team to give them the ball.
  • Fair catch: By giving a wave the football player making a kick return can choose to catch the football and takeA  Football player running with the ball possession where he made the catch. He can not be tailed but he also cannot run with the football.
  • 2 point conversion: After the offense has scored a touch down they can either kick the ball for 1 extra point or they can again make a play for a 2 point conversion. “This is usually only done when the other team is ahead and the 2 point conversion could put the offense in the lead of the game instead of tie the score at the time.”
  • Holding: A penalty when a player grabs an opponent.
  • Lateral: This is when the ball is passed backwards.
  • Encroachment: A penalty when any football player contacts the other team prior to the snap.
  • Snap: When the ball is hiked to the Quarterback.
  • Intentional Grounding. A penalty called when the quarterback throws an incomplete pass just to avoid a sack.
  • Sack: When the quarterback is tackled.
  • Line of scrimmage: Where the ball is spotted on the field and the next play begins.
  • Offside: A penalty when any part of a players body goes beyond his line of scrimmage.
  • Pass protection: Blocking the offensive players from the quarterback to give him time to throw the ball.
  • Turnover: When the ball is fumbled and the other team takes possession.
  • Receiver: The player who catches the football.
  • Safety: When the Offense commits a foul in their own end zone, fumbles the ball in their end zone or is tackled in their end zone.
  • Out of Bounds: When a runner goes outside the sideline.
  • Penalties: Calls made against players and can cost yardage.
  • Delay of game: Once the ref signals the ball is ready to play there is a time limit in which the ball must be snapped. Usually 25 seconds.

There are more terms you will learn as you watch and go along, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much.

Who are the players on the field?

Well let’s start by saying each team has 11 players on the field and it is not common for a player to play both offense and defense.


  • Quarterback: He throws the ball.
  • Wide receiver: Runs pass routs and get open to receive the ball.
  • Running back: Runs the ball after being handed to him. He can catch the ball also but it is usually handed off to him. HeFootball players on a field and yellow lines showing the plays is lined up behind the quarterback.
  • Halfback similar to a running back,
  • Fullbacks: Usually block for the Running back.
  • Tight End: Have two jobs, Catch and block.
  • Center: Hikes the ball.
  • Guard: Pretty much blockers.
  • Left Tackle: Protects the quarterbacks blindside.


  • Defensive End: Main job is to sack the quarterback.
  • Defensive Tackle: Help the defensive end get to the quarterback.
  • Linebackers. Tackle Offensive players.
  • Cornerback:Try to prevent a receiver from catching the ball. “One of the most important players”
  • Safety: Last line of defense.

Now I kept these pretty simple, some of these positions have a couple different forms of the position that have similar but different Offensive and defensive tactics and rolls, but again you will learn that as you watch and learn.

There is also a kicker. He makes the field goals, Kicks for the extra point and punts the ball to the receiving team. But if the team does not have a strong kicker they may have two (2) kickers.

How are points scored.

  • A Touch Down. = 6 points
  • An Extra Point. = 1 point
  • A Field Goal. = 3 points
  • A Two Point conversion. = 2 points
  • A Safety. = 2 points

What are Penalty calls and how are they penalized?

There are several types of penalties and carry different punishments of 5, 10, and 15 yards and or automatic 1st down.A referee and players on a football field

However, if a foul is committed by both teams the fouls might offset each other and the down is replayed.
  • False start: 5 Yards
  • Helmet to helmet collision: 15 yards
  • Block in the back: 10 yards
  • Block below the waste: 15 yards automatic 1st down if committed by the defense
  • Chop block: 15 yards, ruled a safety if in the end zone automatic 1st down if committed by defense.
  • Delay of game: 5 yards
  • Encroachment “OFF SIDES” : 5 yards
  • Facemask: 15 yards automatic 1st down if committed by defense
  • False start: 5 yards
  • Holding: this can be 5 or 10 yards depending on who committed the infraction and where.
  • Illegal contact: 5 yards and automatic first down.

There are several more penalties calls but these are the basics. Again you will learn as you watch.

What are the lines and numbers painted on the field?

The lines are painted to show not only the sideline “Out of Bounds” but to also use as yardage makers.

A football field is 100 yards long 120 if you include the 10 yards for each end zone. Each small line marks 1 yard, and players get a 1st down at every 10 yards marked with the full cross lines and numbers from 10 to 40 coming from each end than meeting at 50 in the middle.


Okay now that some basics have been outlined and answered now the fun begins. How is the game played.

As stated above each team consist of 11 men on the field you have your defense, They are the ones in possession of the ball and your offense, they are the ones trying to keep the defense from scoring. There are usually different players on each team that play when the team is defense or offense but some players do both though not very common.

Let’s get started. The ball is punted by the offense downfield to the defense. The defense than either runs the ball back or calls a safety. Their goal is to get the ball to the end zone and score a touchdown.

They have four (4) downs to make this happen. Each time a player is tackled that is a down now remember that every ten (10) yards is a first down so if they make it to the first down line than those four (4) downs start all over.

If they get four (4) downs before making it to the first down than they have two choices they can if close enough try for a field goal or they have to punt the ball off to the other team. In some cases if they are close to the 1st down or a touchdown they will make a play on fourth down.                                           But this can be risky because the other team can get good field position if the ball is fumbled or intercepted.                                                                                                                                                       If they do make it all the way down the field and get a touchdown they get six (6) points. They can than either kick for the extra point or make a play for a two (2) point conversion which again is risky.                                                                                                                                                                                            If they get the extra point that is than (1) more point and that is how they get (7) sometimes they do miss the extra point leaving their score at (6). Once they have scored or have gotten four (4) downs then the rolls are reversed and the team that was playing defense than becomes the offense and they try to do the same thing get the ball to the end zone.

Now each game has four (4) quarters consisting of fifteen (15) minutes each, but depending on certain factors such as time-outs, penalties calls, injuries, ETC. That fifteen minutes can turn into much longer. That is why even though it should only be an hour and average game can take up to three hours. Plus there is also a twelve (12) minute halftime.

Now at the end of the fourth (4th) quarter who ever has the most points is obviously the winner.

What if they are tied at the end of the game?

If in the case of a tie at the end of the fourth quarter the teams will than play a ten (10) minute overtime. If the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown the game is over if not, then the other team gets to posses the ball and try for a touchdown. But it gets a bit tricky when it comes to field goals in over time because a team can score a field goal but the other team still gets possession and if they score a field goal the game goes on and the first to score a touchdown or field goal wins. But if at the end of the overtime period if no team has scored the game ends in a tie.

This is not the same in postseason though. A postseason game cannot end in a tie. If at the end of the over time period neither team has scored they will continue to play ten (10) minute over time periods and the team must score a touchdown to win.

Just a little side note that if you are watching High School or College Football the rules and penalties differ a bit.

Now you know.

Now that you have a little insight on the Game of Football I hope you can learn to enjoy the game just as myself and many others do. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it all at once.


A football player being tackled

Feel free to leave comments.

2 Replies to “Is Football BORING? What do you think”

  1. I wouldn’t blame anyone who finds football boring, but I don’t thing anyone that finds it interesting go back to day it’s no more interesting. Basically, every profession has its own jargon and football is no exception but the moment you get a grab on the meaning of those terminologies then you immediately fall in love with the craft.

    reading through this article I recommend that anyone willing to know about football should read it too. it is detailed and educational.

    i always enjoy articles from this author. once again thanks for a great job done.


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