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What is the Home Run Record?

Who holds it?

Well here we are at the 21-year mark and only a couple of players have even come close to breaking the record Berry Bonds set in 2001 for most home runs in a single season his record is 73. He also carries the record for most career home runs with 762 When he broke Hank Aaron’s record in 2007 Hank Aaron held that record for 33 years.

Barry Bonds is already at the half-way mark of that. Do you think anyone will ever beat his record. I am not counting on it. We have some pretty great players these days but the closest runner-up is Alberto Pujols and he hasn’t even hit the 700 milestone yet and with this being his finale year the chances of him breaking the record are pretty slim.

Back to the main topic single season home run record.

Now being a bay girl my MLB choices are the Oakland A’s and the SF Giants. Back in my younger years my step dad was an A’s fan so I watched the A’s most of the time even though I was secretly a SF Giants fan. Now watching the A’s I did become a fan of a few of the players like Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. I wasn’t thrilled when Mark was traded to the Cardinals but I still kept tabs on him now and then. But in 1998 McGwire and Sosa had both broke Roger Maris’s record of 61 home runs and now the chase was on so I did keep a close eye on their games and bought any newspaper with headlines about it. I sure wish I would have kept those. Who would it be? They were neck and neck Sosa ended with 66 home runs and McGwire took the record with 70.


Now of course we had the rumors of steroid use or were they just rumors? No one knew for sure but once the rumor was started everyone believed it. McGwire denied the allegations until years later he finally admitted that he had used steroids off and on through the 90s including during the 1998 season. After finding out the truth many felt he was undeserving of being the record holder since they felt he did it unfairly by using performance enhancing drugs. It is very controversial as to how many players used steroids but I can pretty much guarantee that McGwire was not the only one at the time, before his time and after. Steroids have been around since the 50s.

Berry Bonds Bashes it out of the park.

Now the Giants being my true to heart team I loved every player but Berry was the man. In 2001, he beat Mark McGwires record for most home runs in a single season. I remember it well. October 5th 2001 Giants against the Dodgers playing for the wild card. First inning, Bonds walks out to a standing ovation. Second pitch “BAM” Bonds Bashes number 71 out into the

stands. The whole team greets him at home plate! Fireworks everywhere, the crowd going wild. Then in the third Bonds Bashes number 72 It was almost magical. He ended the season with 73 and has now held that record for 21 years.

Another Homerun Record.

As I stated before.

Bonds hold another home run record. On August 7th 2007 he hit his 756 career home run beating Hank Aaron’s career record of 755 and still holds the record at 762 career home runs. Bonds is considered one of the greatest hitters in baseball.

Yes, I watched that History making moment as well. The Giants were playing The Washington Nationals and it was a tie score in the fifth inning. Bonds step up. I don’t exactly remember the count but “BAM” into the stands it went.

You should have seen the fans fighting for that ball!

And yes, of course eventually the steroid thing came up yet again. I do not agree with steroid use at all, but that is not the only things that gave these men the records that they achieved. Did they take steroids? Yes, but steroids alone do not make a great player. These men had talent, passion for the game and the will to break these records. I do not care how much juice you pump into your body is you don’t have Talent, will and passion you ain’t getting nowhere it is as simple as that!

We have  some great players in MLB but honestly I think Berry Bonds will also have the record for holding the record the longest. I think it will be a long time before anyone puts their name in front of that record.

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