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WWE. Lexi Bliss Bad to the bone

Alexa Kaufman (AKA) ‘Alexa Bliss’

Check her out.

I’m sure if you are a WWE fan you know exactly who Alexa Bliss is. If you’re not a fan you will be once you see her. Not only is she gorgeous. But at only 5″ 1′ She has talent beyond measure. She was signed with WWE in 2013 with no previous background in wrestling. She is the second- ever triple crown champ in the women’s division.

She is Bad ass to say the least, She is quite captivating. Trust me once you start watching you can’t look away. Thanks to her background in Gymnastics, Cheer leading, and Kickboxing performing her stunts on WWE is a breeze. She makes them look effortless.


Alexa Bliss has suffered at least two Concussions in her career one of which had her out of action for around 5 months. But she is back on the scene and Kicking ass.

True woman of sports.

Along with the fore mentioned of being in Gymnastics, cheer leading, and kickboxing Alexa also played softball, Swimming and ran track. A true woman of sports. Alexa suffered from an eating disorder as a teen and became interested in bodybuilding to overcome her illness and started in competitive bodybuilding.

Personal life.

Alexa was ingaged to fellow pro wrestler Mathew Adams (AKA) “Buddy Murphy” but the couple split up in 2018. They still remain friends. She is now married to singer Ryan Cabrera.

Alexa Bliss is not only sexy and sassy she is full of confidence and spunk. She definitely puts Character in all her WWE altered egos. She can Capture the audiences’ attention fan or not. And yes, believe it or not she gets her share of BOOOOs from the audience. This little lady carries some thunder both with her matches and her smack talking.

Takes skill

s, it is all rehearsed and scripted, but it still takes some skill to not only get the moves down but remember what to say and make it memorable and captivating and memorable she is. From smack talk to mind games. Alexa Bliss is definitely fun to watch.


Alexa Bliss loves Disney, is an animal lover and one days wants to start an animal rescue.

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